Lego Will Open 150 New Stores In 2020, Expanding Footprint By More Than 25%

Buoyed by a successful 2019, Lego plans to open 150 additional stores in 2020, the majority in China. The expansion would build on the 150 new locations opened in 2019, including 80 in China, bringing Lego’s total footprint to approximately 720 stores — nearly doubling its retail presence in two years.

Lego has good reason to support rapid store growth: the retailer reported a 5.6% sales increase in 2019, fueled by rising market share across all global markets. E-Commerce growth was strong as well, with traffic up 27%.

“The retail environment is constantly changing,” said Niels Christiansen, CEO of Lego in a statement. “Consumers are looking for immersive brand experiences in-store, and value and convenience online. We are stepping up investment in all our retail channels and working closely with our partners to connect with people wherever and however they want to shop.”

Lego also will work to improve its level of corporate responsibility in the coming year through environmental and social outreach programs. The company will continue working to make its packaging and products more sustainable, with the goal of 100% sustainable packaging by 2020. Lego also will implement programs in local communities to combine learning and play.




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