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Payment has become a challenging and complicated scenario for retailers. Mobile technology, NFC and EMV offer valuable opportunities, but at a cost. Together with payment processors, banks and technology providers, merchants must uncover the best solutions for their particular business. If it’s time for a POS upgrade, then mobile POS featuring a variety of payment options must be on the table. Access the latest trend updates, news, and case studies with this up-to-the-minute coverage.

Golf Club ‘Trade-In’ Program Lifts Conversions 30% At TaylorMade

Ideally, golfers would always like to play with the newest clubs available, since technology and design innovations can provide that little bit of extra “oomph” that improves a golfer’s game. By implementing a subscription-based upgrade program that helps customers finance their purchases of new clubs, TaylorMade Golf boosted conversion rates 30% over a six-month period and increased average order value (AOV) by 5%. The program, named “The Turn,” after the turn for home that occurs after the ninth hole, gives TaylorMade customers an 18- to 30-month financing option for drivers and irons. After 12 months, golfers can trade in their driver for a newer model; payments on the old club stop and those on the new club begin. For irons, which typically have a longer lifecycle, the trade-in option kicks in after 24 months.

Is Facebook Moving Into Peer-To-Peer Payments?

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Facebook may be taking notes from China’s messaging platform WeChat, which offers peer-to-peer (P2P) payment capabilities within its platform. Matt Navarra, Director of Social Media at the online publication The Next Web, shared some screenshots on his Twitter account that revealed the social media platform is testing a ‘Red Envelope’…

German Alipay Partner Expands To Four More Countries

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One year after launching the Alipay service in Germany and Austria, Concardis has expanded its partnership with China’s largest mobile payment network  into Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. Alipay has become an important option at retail locations frequented by Chinese tourists. They do not have to convert their Chinese…

7-Eleven Adds Amazon Cash Option At Nearly 8,000 Stores

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Consumers who want to add funds to their balance now have nearly 8,000 new locations where they can do so. 7-Eleven has joined CVS, Speedway and GameStop in accepting Amazon Cash. The Amazon Cash service, which launched in April 2017, is designed to serve underbanked and un-banked U.S. customers.…

Payment Authentication And IoT Devices: Do Merchants Need To Prepare For Fraud Through Refrigerators?

Perhaps the greatest revolution in shopping was the rise of e-Commerce. No longer were people required to physically go to stores to purchase goods; they could do so from the comforts of their own home on their computer. Today, we are experiencing a new shift in shopping and purchasing behaviors, and this time, shopping is leaving the computer and headed towards our appliances. The rise of the smart home is here. And, while we still may be some years away from a mass-market refrigerator that refills itself through digital ordering, we’ve begun to see the beginnings with tools introduced by e-Commerce retail giants, such as smart speakers accompanied by virtual personal assistants. This impending networking of the home poses an interesting, if odd, question: can we trust our household appliances?

ENS Unveils Verge 355z MPOS Platform

ENS, a provider of technology mounting platforms, has released Verge 355z, an mPOS solution that pairs the Verifone e355 and Zebra TC51/56 handheld touch computers into one device. The Verge 355z case is small and compact, creating a comfortable handheld mobility solution for retailers. The case is designed to fit both devices, allowing full access to the features on both. In addition to the case that holds the two devices together, Verge 355z has an optional charging adapter that fits over the Zebra charging station. This enables both devices to charge while docked on the Zebra charger.  The quick release function allows retailers to easily remove the Zebra TC51/56 device from the ENS case and use the device independent of the Verifone e355 payment device. The Verge 355z design lets the devices maintain Bluetooth connectivity with one another. Payment transactions are processed via WiFi connections.

75% Of U.S. Shoppers Say Identity Theft Is A Major Holiday Concern

Identity theft during the holiday season worries three quarters of consumers, according to a survey conducted by Generali Global Assistance. An even higher percentage, 84%, say a past data breach would affect their willingness to do business with a retailer. As many as 57% of shoppers believe a data breach of an online merchant will pose the greatest identity theft threat this holiday season, while 22% consider a data breach of a brick-and-mortar POS system to be the most acute risk.

Direct-To-Consumer Focus Motivates IT Upgrade At Tommy Bahama

Strategy sessions held back in 2015 had far-reaching impacts for Tommy Bahama. These meetings were the beginning of what has grown into an ambitious program for upgrading many of the apparel brand’s key business solutions, including order management, warehouse management, retail store operations, analytics, merchandising and its entire e-Commerce ecosystem. The 160-store retailer has a thriving e-Commerce business and also operates restaurants in 18 locations. The IT upgrades, scheduled to take place through summer 2019, will bring an enterprise-wide view in two important strategic areas: order management and analytics. Tommy Bahama anticipates significant benefits, according to Lisa Atwood, EVP of Operations, IT and eCommerce.

Hydrobuilder Cuts Chargeback Rates 89% Via Fraud Management Solution

As a startup company with less than 15 employees, Hydrobuilder, an e-Commerce retailer of indoor and outdoor gardening products, must handle the growing pains of dealing with increasing fraud attempts. To streamline the fraud prevention process and minimize overhead, Hydrobuilder onboarded the Kount platform and managed to: Reduce its chargeback rate from 0.47% to 0.05% (an 89% decrease); Decrease chargeback dollar amounts by 79%; Reduce fraud losses by 70%; Drop its decline rate from 10% to 4.49% (a 55% decrease); and Reduce the number of manual reviews. Hydrobuilder often dealt with “friendly fraud” issues prior to the implementation, according to Brittaney Cox, Director of Internal Resources at Hydrobuilder. Consumers would place orders but later on would claim that they hadn’t. To repel this and other fraud attempts, Hydrobuilder uses Kount’s Order Linking technology to compare data elements in current transactions — such as Device IDs, email addresses, credit card account numbers, etc. — with data elements from past transactions to uncover fraud. “We had a lot of customers coming in that would commit fraud and then change the information that they were using and commit fraud again,” Cox said in an interview with Retail TouchPoints. “We just had no visibility into…

Payroc Launches ITransact Mobile POS Platform

Payroc is responding to the growing need for retailers to securely accept smartphone payments with the launch of the iTransact Mobile Merchant, a mobile POS solution. iTransact Mobile Merchant works with Payroc’s iTransact gateway and PayFac platform to enable integrated payments across multiple commerce channels, including online, virtual terminal, recurring billing and electronic invoicing. The platform offers enhanced security and protection, reducing Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance scope.

Mobile Shoppers Can Now ‘Pay With Google’

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Google has launched its new mobile payments platform — Pay With Google — designed to simplify the purchasing process on Android devices. The tech giant first unveiled the Google Payment API in May 2017, designed to let consumers pay in-app or online with any verified credit or debit card saved…

Alipay Partners With Chase To Expand Mobile Wallet Footprint

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In another move designed to simplify transactions for the growing number of Chinese consumers traveling in North America, Alipay has partnered with JPMorgan Chase. Users of the Alipay app will be able to pay using their Alipay Mobile Wallet at the POS of many Chase Merchant Services clients. As many…

Paytronix Adds 3 New POS Systems

Paytronix Systems, Inc., a provider of reward program software, has integrated three additional POS systems into its rewards platform: Gilbarco Passport, NCR Radiant and Verifone Commander. The newly completed integrations are designed to help merchants deliver a brand-differentiating guest experience. Key features include:  

Sportswear Retailer Integrates Payment Into VR Experience

The jury may still be out on whether virtual reality (VR) will truly take off as a shopping experience, but one forward-thinking retailer already has made VR transaction processes more seamless. Body Language Sportswear has been testing a VR app that allows shoppers to move from interactive 360-degree views of its products directly to checkout, without needing to take off the VR headset or pull out their wallets. The e-Commerce retailer is offering products via the Payscout app, which introduced a VR commerce capability in June 2017. The app integrates with Visa Checkout (VCO), allowing users to register their payment credentials within the digital wallet or access an existing VCO account. The app currently is available for the Google Cardboard hardware, but there are plans to adapt it for iOS and additional VR platforms.
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