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Newly Launched Site Builds On Customer Loyalty Program

Borders Group is hoping to bring the store feel into customers’ homes with the new website, which has been in development for two years since George Jones joined the company as president and CEO. To reintroduce Borders’ ecommerce business, the 1,100-store retailer had to break ties with, which has been the sole Internet source for Borders merchandise for the past seven years.

BazaarVoice CMO Shares Insight On The Impact of Reviews & Ratings

As CMO for BazaarVoice, Sam Decker has been actively involved in generating 12 billion product reviews since the company started in 2005. The connection between these review sites and manufacturers is easy to see. But retail usage is one of the surprising byproducts of the review sites that BazaarVoice represents. Retail TouchPoints recently caught up with him to discuss new retail developments, and the impact of reviews in a slowing economy.

Web Growing As First Touchpoint For Shoppers Looking To Channel-Hop

Consumers are increasingly using the Web as a first touchpoint and want to channel-hop to complete their purchase, a recent survey conducted by Opinion Research Corp. on behalf of Sterling Commerce confirmed. In addition, the survey concluded that “high value” consumers have made cross-channel shopping a pre-requisite for committing their loyalty and share of wallet to a retailer.
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