Locayta Launches Shopping Widget for Online Retailers

, a provider of site search and online merchandising solutions, has launched Locayta Shop Window, a click-to-buy shopping widget that online retailers can deploy on third-party sites to extend their online presence. As online shopping continues to grow, retailers are challenged to meet shoppers’ needs for more innovative and proactive ways to engage with brands. Retailers are striving to extend the reach of their online stores as well as optimize the value of display advertising on third-party sites.

Locayta Shop Window offers retailers the ability to add additional sales channels, which can be deployed wherever a retailer might otherwise use display advertising on third-party sites. It operates as a virtual retail store and is activated by a click or mouse-over on the retailer’s image, video or text advertisement.

Online shoppers can browse and search retailers’ product catalogues in Locayta Shop Window, as well as view the product detail page, add items to a wish list and add or remove items to a checkout basket. When consumers are ready to purchase, their checkout basket is automatically transferred to the checkout page on the retailer’s e-Commerce site.


Locayta Shop Window is powered by a web-service developed by Locayta, which is designed to store and index product data independently from the retailer’s site. The shopping widget queries the web-service directly, therefore doesn’t require any changes to the retailer’s e-Commerce site. The widget supports the full merchandising feature-set of Locayta’s merchandising platform Locayta ESP, including behavioral product recommendations, display advertising and visual merchandising. Locayta Shop Window is a customizable solution that offers multiple templates, landing pages and selected catalogued products tailored to the retailer’s needs.


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