GNC Debuts New Section Dedicated to Supporting GLP-1 Patients

GNC CEO Michael Costello in front of the retailer's new GLP-1 section.
GNC CEO Michael Costello in front of the retailer's new GLP-1 section. (Image courtesy GNC)

Health retailer GNC has debuted a new store section, dedicated to helping individuals who are using GLP-1 medications like Ozempic to mitigate and manage the side effects of the powerful weight loss drugs. The new section will be featured in all of the retailer’s 2,300+ U.S. locations.

As many as 130 million Americans currently live with a condition that could be treated with a GLP-1 agonist, and as many as 70 million Americans could be using the medication by 2028, according to some estimates. But studies also show that more than half of GLP-1 users discontinue treatment within the first year due to side effects or the high cost of the drugs.

GNC's new GLP-1 support section is available in all 2,300 store locations across the U.S.
GNC’s new GLP-1 support section is available in all 2,300 store locations across the U.S. (Image courtesy GNC)

While GNC can’t directly help with the latter issue, it is looking to support customers struggling with the former through the new store section, which features supplements and other products that aid GI and digestive health, maintain muscle mass and bone density and offer nutritional support as appetite decreases.

“Medications can be great tools, but unfortunately often come with side effects and that’s where GNC comes in,” said Michael Costello, CEO of GNC in a video explaining the new offering. “This is a major opportunity to meet the needs of people on a life-changing weight loss journey. A lot of these customers have tried losing weight for a long time and have finally found something that works. This can be an emotional experience and sensitive topic — GNC’s role is to the be the support system for them.”


GNC associates have received training specific to the common side effects of GLP-1 drugs, and that training will continue to evolve alongside the selection of products. GNC also plans to include expert advice on centered around fitness and resistance training, healthy recipes, meal plans and more. This will include regular consultation with medical experts at Revive Health, which powers the retailer’s virtual healthcare platform GNC Health.

“The rapid adoption of GLP-1 agonists is no surprise given the impressive weight loss results they demonstrate,” said John Olsen, President, Revive Pharmacy Solutions in a statement. “As access to these innovative medications increases, so will the prevalence of their potential adverse events. It’s important, as clinicians, to understand these risks and position the users to best manage them. When combined with GNC’s support program, we can expect the successful outcomes of GLP-1 therapy to grow as quickly as the program will.”

“The market is constantly evolving and at GNC, we are leading the way in product strategy and development to help our customers achieve their wellness goals, especially for GLP-1 users,” said Rachel Jones, SVP and Chief Product Innovation and Science Officer at GNC in a statement. “We’re not only responding to immediate needs but also continuously collaborating with medical experts to refine and expand our offerings to best serve our customers.”

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