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To keep up with consumers’ digital advances, retailers are becoming savvier, implementing strategies and programs via smartphones, tablets and other digital venues. Digital marketing can take the form of push messaging, in-store digital signage, location-based promotions, email messaging and much more. Smart marketers are working on complete strategies that include the best new digital solutions in addition to tried-and-true traditional methods. This section will guide retailers down the path to digital marketing success.

Gifting As Referral Marketing: Are You Leaving Sales On The Table?

The winter holiday season has wrapped up, but retailers are knee deep with gift returns, year-end inventory and planning. E-Commerce competition is heating up, pressing merchants to innovate, adapt and optimize their digital marketing mix. Search, social, email and affiliate are all popular marketing tactics — but there is another highly effective method of driving traffic and sales you may be overlooking. Referral marketing is a powerful way to supercharge customer acquisition and sales. However, according to a June 2014 GigaOm Research Report: "Only 39% of marketers use it [referral marketing] regularly, but 43% of those who do use it acquire more than 35% of their new customers with it." This is significant, as retailers stretch their dollars and focus intently on marketing ROI.

Personalization In Online Marketing: How Far We’ve Come!

The ways in which retailers use personalization in online marketing have changed dramatically since the early days of the Internet.  When we look back, it’s clear we have come a long way, but considering what we know is on the horizon, there’s so much more we can do to take advantage of personalization to improve retail business. How did personalization in online marketing begin and what are some changes we can expect in the New Year? In its nascent stages, online marketing didn’t allow for personalization. Retailers were simply happy to be able to put up websites, and have an additional way to reach customers on a large- scale basis. But as the Web expanded exponentially, so too did the number of competing sites. It quickly became clear that retailers needed a process or technology with which to personalize their campaigns so they could reach the consumers that mattered most to them. Without personalization, finding the right customer via online marketing was like searching for a needle in a haystack.

Mobile Email Conversions Increase 39% YOY

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The number of purchases made after opening an email on a mobile device has increased by 39% between Q2 2013 and Q2 2014, according to data from Yesmail Interactive. However, during this time period, revenue from mobile purchases increased by only 10%. Yesmail Interactive also found that the average order value (AOV) of mobile sales fell from $79 to $55 during the period. The AOV for desktop purchases for the same time didn’t experience nearly as much of a drop, decreasing from $88 to $83.

Cloud Computing Adoption Spurs Business Transformations

Four out of five (81%) business executives believe cloud computing has given them a competitive advantage over their rivals and has helped them react more quickly and effectively to change, according to a report sponsored by NetSuite. For the study, titled: Disrupt, Collapse, Transform: The Role of the Cloud in Industry Transformation, global industry analyst firm Frost & Sullivan surveyed 1,500 senior executives across multiple industry sectors in the U.S., Australia, Singapore, UK, Japan, Hong Kong and the Philippines.

ChannelAdvisor Acquires E-Tale, Integrates Where To Buy Function

ChannelAdvisor has acquired fellow e-Commerce technology provider E-Tale Holdings Limited. Financial terms of the agreement have not been disclosed. As a result of the transaction, E-Tale’s “Where To Buy” functionality has been now been rebranded as ChannelAdvisor Where to Buy. With the addition of the Where to Buy feature, ChannelAdvisor launched its ChannelAdvisor for Brands initiative designed to help brands expand their online presence and e-commerce activities. Brands can use the Where to Buy feature to provide web site visitors with information about resellers that carry the products they are searching for, as well as the availability of those products.

Content Marketing Strategies Boost Customer Loyalty

In an industry where many companies rely on selling products that are the same or similar to competitors’ offerings, retailers are embracing content marketing as a means to stand out from the crowd and provide value to the customer. Leading retailers such as Pet360, boohoo, Beachmint and understand that content marketing strategies can only turn into revenue if the content makes the brand relatable to the consumer.

Top Brands Fall Short In Email Personalization

Although email marketing is still central to most retailers’ strategies, many are still falling short in personalizing these messages, according to research from SimpleRelevance. In fact, only 9% of retailer emails offered personalized product recommendations, while 25% didn’t offer any form of product recommendation.

Catalina Acquires Cellfire To Expand Digital Coupon Network

Personalized digital media company Catalina has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Cellfire, a provider of load-to-card (L2C) digital coupons for consumer packaged goods retailers. Cellfire will operate under the Catalina umbrella but will retain its name and all full-time employees. Cellfire headquarters also will remain in Silicon Valley. The acquisition is positioned to help Catalina keep pace with consumers’ increased demand for digital and mobile coupons, according to a press release. CPG retailers and brands will be able to deliver personalized media based on customer preferences, and overall browsing and buying history.

Wovenmedia Video Service Powers Retail Marketing Strategies

Retailers use video marketing and advertising to engage consumers across different media and commerce channels. Crafting an effective strategy involves reaching the right audience and pairing branded content with recognizable third-party content. The Wovenmedia Video Service is designed to allow businesses to create and publish video content to targeted audiences via TV, desktops and mobile devices, enabling cross-platform delivery of video content and advertising. The web-based solution serves as a video content management system and a pool of rights-free content from more than 95 premium providers. Through the Wovenmedia web portal, retailers can curate video playlists and channels by combining their branded content with content from Wovenmedia.

Chief Digital Officers Help Drive Transformation, Innovation

With digital disruption encompassing all corners of the retail industry, a Constellation Research report has spotlighted the Chief Digital Officer (CDO) as the new executive to drive business transformation. In the report, titled: The Case For The Chief Digital Officer, Peter Kim, Principal Analyst and Chief Strategy Officer at Constellation Research spotlighted the characteristics of CDOs and their overall positioning in retail organizations.

ThinkGeek Keeps A Pulse On Customer Lifetime Value With Adobe

The e-Commerce universe is growing at a rapid pace, and merchants are striving to pique consumer interest in a vast sea of competitors. Even niche retailers such as ThinkGeek, which sells apparel, toys and gadgets for fans of Star Wars, Doctor Who, Game Of Thrones and other cultural phenomena, are embracing new digital marketing tactics to reach target customers.

Merkle Acquires RKG To Bolster Digital Agency Services

Merkle, a CRM and marketing agency, has acquired RKG, a search and digital marketing agency based in Charlottesville, Va. Financial terms of the deal have not been disclosed. This marks the second digital agency acquisition Merkle has completed in 2014, putting the agency on a promising path for the rest of the year. Between 2012 and 2013, Merkle experienced a net revenue increase of 43%.

How Celebrities Fuel The Fashion Industry

Celebrities embody the things many people strive for: Fame, fortune and of course, a killer wardrobe.  Fashion-savvy movie stars and musicians have always been trendsetters. Marilyn Monroe and her hip-hugging dresses, and even Madonna and her cone bra come to mind. But the trend machine is chugging faster than ever — and it’s all thanks to social media and the always-on nature of the web.

Baby Gift Retailer Estella Triples Online Conversions With AdRoll

The vast majority (87%) of consumers at some point abandon their online shopping carts, according to Silverpop research. Although these shoppers may appear to be lost opportunities,75% say they will return to complete the purchase. But how can retailers successfully entice customers to return to the e-Commerce site and complete a transaction? Estella, a luxury baby gift retailer, uses retargeting solutions from AdRoll to tackle shopping cart abandonment and re-engage previous web visitors.

71% Of Luxury Brands Don’t Have CMOs

Marketing is a core function in retail organizations across sizes and categories. Although retailers are ramping up their marketing spending to improve the omnichannel shopping experience, many luxury brands don’t have the executive leadership required to optimize results, according to a recent study from Luxury Interactive. In fact, 71% of luxury brands stated that their organizations do not have Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs), and more than half (53%) are lacking VPs of e-Commerce.
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