Got Milk? Mobile Campaign Success Highlighted At CETW In New York

The Got Milk? brand chose an optimized mobile web site over an app to connect with its rapidly growing mobile consumer base, comprised of two primary segments: mothers and teenage athletes.

The organization tapped communication agency Draftfcb New York to create an HTML5 mobile optimized web site and two campaigns designed to cater to the brand’s target segments.

Jason Levy, VP, Director of Mobile, Draftfcb New York, highlighted key elements of the Got Milk? project during Customer Engagement Technology World (CETW) November 9, 2011 in New York.


“The brand wasn’t addressing the mobile needs of its audience,” Levy said. “We noticed spikes in the traditional web site realized that more folks were coming in via mobile then pursued an optimized mobile experience.”

While some brands offer mobile applications to engage its audience, Levy noted that for the Got Milk? brand’s particular objectives, an optimized mobile web site was a more appropriate outlet.

The “Pour One More” campaign, designed to cater to mothers on the go, presented a contest via email, TV spots and at the point sale (POS) that offered free milk to the winner as well as a family in need. The campaign garnered more than 5,000 mobile web visits and nearly 25,000 SMS redemptions.

The agency tracked the source of each redemption by creating different keywords across each medium for short code texting. For example, a call-to-action “TEXT POUR TO 1234” was messaged to consumers at the POS. Results showed that 19% of redemptions were spurred by POS; 70% came through email; and 24% came through a PR handout.

“This was a great way for the Got Milk? brand to transition its audience into the mobile ecosystem without an app,” Levy noted.

The Got Milk? brand also started an SMS loyalty club through which users can opt-in for special contests and  discounts.

The “Refuel With Milk” campaign, targeted at athletic teenagers, offered users the ability to receive milk tips and suggestions from celebrity athletes via mobile. The objective of the campaign was to connect teenagers with athletes who use milk as part of their exercise routines.

“Teenagers are not smartphone folks,” Levy noted. “They’re not on app-oriented phones. But they’re on mobile constantly. We’re getting mobile traffic from all sorts of different web browsers, and so the best way to reach this audience is not an app.”

Levy continued, “For half the cost of an app you can create a great HTML5 web site. You can also downgrade the site for feature phones.”

Mobile applications and web sites allow brands to build a relationship by reaching their target customers throughout their day at various locations and times.

“When we look at mobile implementation or execution, it’s not about a checklist,” Levy said. “It’s more about the type of mobile audience to which you’re speaking and the best approach to that audience. It’s not about the technology. In the beginning we focus on the customer and audience then ask ourselves ‘what is the right approach?’”

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