Murad Cuts Costs, Speeds Up Operations With Move To Cloud

Murad, a skincare retailer, is in the process of migrating its operations to the Oracle Cloud infrastructure to help improve both performance and the customer experience. The shift has already reduced the time it takes to handle a number of operational processes.

While Murad has partnered with Oracle for nearly 20 years, the retailer previously hosted its databases at a data center. Over time the costs of this model rose too high and processing times increased, which necessitated the switch to a cloud-based solution.

“What we found was the same set of solutions with the latest technology are working much faster,” said Rishabh Sinha, Senior Director of Enterprise Applications at Murad in an interview with Retail TouchPoints. “What used to take five hours before the cloud now takes two hours. That definitely helped with overall performance and the user experience.”

Moving to the cloud makes the shopping experience more seamless by speeding up Murad’s order processing. It also simplifies web site changes, which reduces costs for the retailer.


“From an e-Commerce point-of-view it just gives us more flexibility,” said Sinha. “Our website is on AWS, and we can easily set up a connection from AWS to Oracle Cloud. Earlier, when we were trying to change something or upgrade our servers we constantly had to change that connection, which was too much of a headache to manage.”

Cloud Boosts CX, Cuts Card Processing Times

The technology also has improved Murad’s customer service capabilities: when a shopper calls with a question, operators can look up their details much more quickly than before. On the backend, the reduced time to complete tasks has resulted in additional cost savings and efficiencies. The new software processes credit card orders more quickly and reduces the downtime of associates working in warehouses, creating a better experience for both the retailer and its customers.

Murad’s business model includes distributing its products through brick-and-mortar retailer, including Sephora and Ulta, as well as via its own web site. The flexibility of the cloud solution has helped Murad integrate the business needs of multiple channels, countries and formats under a single system.

“Given the omnichannel exposure we have, it’s important for us to really understand the standard business models and the different business processes,” said Sinha. “We operate out of multiple channels with different entities on one system.”

Murad’s migration to the cloud isn’t complete, and the retailer expects to reap additional benefits as it continues working through its three-to-five-year roadmap. The company is planning to move more of its operations onto the cloud, further reducing costs and benefiting from the efficiency of having more applications in a single system.

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