CVS Achieves Transparency Goal for Beauty Product Imagery, Shifts Focus to Mental Health Initiatives

CVS Pharmacy has reached its goal of full transparency for beauty imagery that is produced by and for CVS Pharmacy. This marks the culmination of the original CVS Beauty Mark commitment made in 2018 to educate customers about the difference between authentic and digitally altered photos.

The retailer also will launch the next phase of Beauty Mark, which will center on the mental health impact women face due to increased screen time and the effects of turning the cameras on themselves. According to a poll conducted by CVS and media psychologist Pamela Rutledge through The Harris Poll, 78% of women aged 18 to 35 spend time on video calls each week, with 37% on video calls for at least five hours in a typical week.

Other findings from the poll include:

  • 80% of women who spend at least one hour looking at their own image daily agree that they feel inspired when they see unaltered images of models online;
  • 56% of women say they would rather give up something they love for a week than post a photo online about which they don’t feel confident;
  • 45% of women who spend time on video calls in a typical week use filters to touch up or alter their appearance on these calls; and
  • 34% of women say that they are less confident in their appearance than they were a year ago (i.e. before the COVID-19 pandemic).

CVS also has announced that beauty vlogger and activist Nyma Tang has been named the retailer’s first Beauty Inclusivity Consultant. She will help improve inclusivity for CVS’ beauty product selection, in both imagery and the products found on shelves.


Additionally, CVS will host conversations around mental health with Rutledge and other partners. Other measures to help improve the mental well-being of its customers include Aetna’s Here 4 U Sessions for Women, Aetna Resources for Living’s Women’s Mental Health Resource Kit, and access to mental health services at MinuteClinic in select CVS HealthHUB Stores currently offered in select Florida, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Texas locations.

“CVS Pharmacy is focused on helping our customers in their journey to better health and beauty is no exception,” said Neela Montgomery, President of CVS Pharmacy and EVP, CVS Health in a statement. “As we reach 100% completion of Beauty Mark in our beauty aisles, we are proud to lead the beauty industry in making a bold statement that supports the mental health of our customers, especially young women. We hope this authenticity will continue as the pandemic has created new and different issues in this space.”



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