5 Tips for Adding Mobile to the Mix


It’s no secret that retailers’ ad budgets are shrinking and countless executives are tasked with doing more with less. So what’s the secret? Well, when the times get tough, the tough get innovative, or in this instance, mobile.

Many retailers like Macy’s and Staples have already delved into mobile marketing and are experiencing great success. Mobile campaigns are measurable, immediate, personal, interactive, engaging and innovative. And best of all: they get results.


Here are five easy tips to help you get started adding mobile to your marketing mix:


1.    Choose a partner:

Many companies claim to offer a full breadth of mobile services. Of course, not all are created equal. Do they have a robust platform? Will you own the data gathered by the initiatives? Substantive client service to teach you? Proven results in your category?

2.    Choose a campaign type:

There are many types of mobile campaigns including SMS text, mobile Web sites (WAP), and branded smartphone applications. Determine which option will best reach your potential customers. For example, while iPhone Apps have a certain “wow” factor, keep in mind that there are only 20 million iPhones in use, which represents a relatively small percentage of consumers. The best solution will likely be a combination of options that can deliver a more comprehensive reach.

3.    Determine promotions:

What will you offer customers through your mobile campaign? There are many options including coupons that can be used in store, coupon codes that can be used online, information on your latest products and sales, or text and win contests. Keep in mind that mobile phones are personal, so when using them as a means to reach your customers, be sure to offer them something they will want.

4.    Determine how you’re going to get your customers to sign up:

Remember that mobile marketing campaigns require customers to opt-in before receiving promotions. It’s necessary to determine how you’ll promote your mobile campaign. Some great starting points are to add a short code to your radio, TV or print ads asking people to text a pre-determined number or use in-store promotions to support your mobile programs.

5.    …And how you’ll get them to come back for more:

Loyalty programs and text clubs are a great way to build re-marketable databases of customers that you can connect to again and again. If you ensure that all your communications are useful to your customer, they will look forward to hearing from you on their most personal device.

Mobile marketing is a tremendous opportunity. By following these five easy steps, retailers can begin to take advantage of all the medium has to offer.

Scott Debson is the VP of HipCricket’s Brand Division. His Brand Solutions group won the Mobile Marketing Association’s North America Cross-Media Integration award for its effective extension to traditional media though SMS, WAP and mobile advertising for Wiley Publishing’s For Dummies books. Debson has worked on more than 200 mobile marketing and content campaigns in the US and Europe for clients including Warner Music Group, adidas and Paramount Pictures. Prior to joining HipCricket, he was General Manager and SVP, Personalization, for mobile media company Zingy where he sold mobile content, WAP deck programming, advertising and sponsorships. He co-founded not13, one of the first mobile marketing and content companies in both the UK and the U.S.  He led his team in the successful launch of the world’s first ad supported, direct-to-consumer SMS lottery. not13 was also responsible for the implementation of the first cross-carrier short code campaign in the U.S. with Elektra Records in 2002.

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