Murphy's Test New Location-Based Rewards Program Featured

  • Written by  Mike Santos

Murphy's USA is testing a new rewards program with Whrrl, a location-based service designed to enable consumers to earn points leading to a wide variety of prizes, including a digital coupon for $50 in free gas, when they check in at the chain's roughly 1,100 stations. Whrrl is a social loyalty program designed to close the gap between a brand's online social media presence and real-world physical presence. Whrrl Society Rewards is the first program to tie together word-of-mouth influence and real world visits, rewarding people for motivating others to visit a business.

"Traditional loyalty programs can create the wrong expectations with customers, because discounts based on transactions don't always lead to a deeper relationship," Casey Petersen, Murphy USA’s Social Media Marketing Manager, said in a press release. "We love our customers not only for their business, but positive word-of-mouth and influence on others to try Murphy USA gas. Whrrl's Society Rewards program is the perfect way to reward them for their loyalty."

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