10 Ways To Drive ROI With Distributed Analytics

Did you know retailers that leverage data analytics at scale can grow profits by as much as 60%? Download the E-book to discover the key payoffs of distributed analytics, including:

  • Better visibility into local customer buying patterns and preferences;
  • ROI analysis of social and mobile advertising strategies;
  • More effective promotional campaigns and personalized offers;
  • Improved operational efficiencies and reduced operational costs; and
  • Reduced out-of-stocks and overstocks

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7 ways to transform your retail organization with mobile

Discover 7 ways mobile can be featured as the centerpiece of a unified commerce strategy and deliver the following benefits:

  • Higher sales revenue;
  • Improved user experiences;
  • Actionable strategies using real-time data;
  • Increased business efficiencies across stores, HQ and the entire supply chain; and
  • Enhanced customer experiences.

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Connecting With The Mobile Shopper: Benefits Of In-Store WiFi

Download Deliver The Future Of In-Store Customer Engagement Today and learn how retailers can harness the power of mobile WiFi to realize a number of business benefits, including the ability to:

  • Boost conversions;
  • Uncover a new source of shopper data;
  • Test store layouts and fixtures with more precision;
  • Cater to the preferences of various demographics;
  • Improve store associate effectiveness and motivation; and
  • Increase customer loyalty.

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Strategy Guide: Unleashing Earned Content For Retail Brands

When used effectively, user-generated content can help retailers better connect with customers and create compelling brand stories.

Download this e-book to learn how to:

  • Create unique, relevant hashtags;
  • Collect, curate, tag and permission all new content;
  • Develop a constant feedback loop with consumers; and
  • Utilize current brand ambassadors.

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Reducing Online Checkout Friction On A Global Scale

To keep customers coming back, retailers must provide a secure and seamless payment experience that is tailored to each individual's shopping preferences. Download Reducing Online Checkout Friction On A Global Scale to unlock global payment essentials, including:

  • Enabling one-click ordering by storing cardholder data in the most secure way possible;
  • Offering a broad array of payment options in demand in the markets they want to serve; and
  • Simplifying the management of back-end settlement processes.

2016 Outlook Guide

What Are The Greatest Challenges Facing Retailers In 2016?

Where are retailers along the path to omnichannel excellence? How much time and budget should be devoted to security issues in 2016?

These and other urgent questions are answered in the Retail TouchPoints 2016 Outlook Guide, featuring 11 retail industry experts — analysts, consultants, researchers and retailers — sharing their expertise and predictions for 2016 and beyond.


5 Ways To Go For The Gold In The Mobile Engagement Race

Shadow PHUN PW002 EBK MobileRace Nov 2015Mobile has become a key shopping channel, but unfortunately, very few merchants are successfully engaging shoppers through their personal devices.

In fact, a recent assessment of 100 retailers revealed that only 8% of retailers would win a gold medal in The Mobile Engagement Race. But by leveraging the right mobile tools and technologies, retailers can boost customer acquisition and increase foot traffic.

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