The Vitamin Shoppe Debuts Innovation Store Offering Tech-Enhanced Personalization

The Vitamin Shoppe has opened an innovation store in Edgewater, N.J. that incorporates on-demand digital product guides, enhanced mobile POS checkout and the new Only Me personalized health assessment and subscription service, among other features. The retailer plans to open five additional similar-format stores through January 2020.

The shop was created inside an existing 3,185-square-foot store that was redesigned for this purpose. It combines retail and education through technology such as a complimentary body composition analysis station and a supplement sampling machine. Shoppers also can receive free nutritionist consultations through the retailer’s loyalty program, and browse specialized sections like CBD Central and Keto HQ.


Fashion Bunker Leverages Personalization To Encourage First-Time Purchases

Using A/B testing, Australian fashion retailer Fashion Bunker has discovered personalization tactics that make first-time visitors to its web site 16% more likely to make a purchase. Fashion Bunker has been able to test and compare how different personalized experiences and content affect the behavior of each individual visitor to its online store, including which products and brands they purchase on both desktop and mobile devices.

Using the new A/B Testing and Optimization (ABTO) solution from Nosto, Fashion Bunker tested three variations of different messaging that introduced personalized recommendations shown on its product pages. The solution is designed to help e-Commerce retailers test multi-page online experiences consisting of personalized product recommendations and personalized content such as banner images, headlines and copy.


Endear Helps Associates Connect With Shoppers

Endear, an omnichannel CRM and clienteling app, helps retailers empower in-store associates by giving them access to customer profiles, including purchase history, notes and other relevant information. The messaging system also lets associates stay in touch with shoppers after they have left the store.

The tool is designed for user friendliness, helping associates quickly access customer profiles to build one-on-one relations or make recommendations based on previous purchases. The software generates a unified customer profile across channels, and lets both retailers and their associates create unique segments of customers based on stats like total spend, products purchased and store locations.

Read more... Boosts Click-To-Open Rates 53% Via Personalized ‘Mystery Sales’, a Kroger-owned online retailer offering healthy consumer products such as vitamins, nutritional supplements, beauty supplies and organic grocery products, sought to improve consumer engagement within email by strengthening its exclusive, interactive “Mystery Sale” offerings. In building out personalized email campaigns with Selligent, achieved its goal of generating immediate ROI, while ensuring a consistent and relevant customer experience, delivering:

  • A 53% increase in click-to-open rates;
  • 33% lower unsubscribe rates compared to prior Mystery Sale campaigns; and
  • A 31% increase in revenue per email (RPE).

Personalization: Why It’s Important And Problematic For The Digital Experience

0aaaNatalie Lambert InstartCompanies devote a lot of time and effort to developing recognizable online personas and messaging, but the strategy for converting audiences into customers starts with their web experience. Being able to deliver a personalized experience with rich content and advanced functionality that brings unique value to each visitor has the potential to help you gain and keep a customer for life. In fact, Gartner reports that 81% of executives believe that they’ll compete on experience alone in the future.

A great user experience isn’t the only benefit of dynamic, personalized web sites. Research shows that personalization does more than create a great user experience. Companies that are personalizing their web experiences see, on average, a 19% lift in sales and nearly all marketers (96%) feel that personalization helps advance customer relationships. In addition, when a consumer has a personalized shopping experience, they are 44% more likely to become repeat buyers.


Spalding’s DTC Push Is A Slam Dunk: E-Commerce Sales Skyrocket 270%

Spalding, the sporting goods company traditionally known for selling basketballs and other sports equipment through third-party retailers, is now seeking to score big in the direct-to-consumer (DTC) game. In fact, Spalding’s 2019 goal is for e-Commerce to generate 25% of its total sales.

The company is certainly moving in the right direction. After reassessing its digital strategy during the 2017 holiday season to ensure the brand understood the differences between its B2C and B2B audiences, Spalding has seen:

  • A whopping 270% increase in e-Commerce revenue year-over-year;
  • A 66% increase in average order value (AOV); and
  • A much faster shopping experience, with 100% site uptime through product listing pages, site search, navigation and more.

Monetate Appoints New CMO, Unveils New Look

MonetateLisa Kalscheur has appointed Lisa Kalscheur as CMO and rebranded its logo and web site. The solution provider is capitalizing on growing demand for personalization technology as it expands its team and develops new offerings.

Kalscheur was previously SVP of Marketing at NewsCred, a content marketing company, and VP of Marketing at AppNexus, a cloud-based software platform. She also has served as Director, Network Marketing at AOL.


Google Unveils Personalized Shopping Portal, Sets Sights On Amazon’s Product Search Share

Google has introduced numerous retailing iterations over the years, including Google Express, Google Shopping Actions and even buy buttons, but the search giant is hoping its latest version of Google Shopping finally provides the frictionless experience required to keep consumers on the site.

The newly redesigned Google Shopping homepage, launched in the U.S. in mid-July, is personalized by shopper browsing history and provides access to “millions of products from thousands of stores,” according to a May blog post from Surojit Chattarjee, VP, Product Management, Google Shopping.


Creating Personalized Experiences Is The Secret To Growing Your Loyalty Base

0aaaBob Meixner OracleDigital technologies have radically changed the way retail companies operate online and in-store. And today, digital technologies will, and have, radically changed the way retailers connect with their customer base. Personalized customer content is what today’s consumers demand. According to a customer experience survey by Gartner, 81% of marketers state that they expect to be competing mostly or completely on the basis of customer experience in two years’ time. As personalization drives customer experiences, this can’t be ignored.

Personalization technology and strategies have been around for over a decade, but marketers are finally coming to the realization that relevant, in-real-time personalization is no easy feat. Many who have tried have failed for a variety of reasons, whether due to insufficient or inaccurate customer information, disconnected experience management tools or the inability to quickly analyze data to make in-the-moment actions.

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