AI, Real-Time, All-In-One: Personalization In Retail Explained

0aaaMeyarSheik CertonaDespite personalization’s ‘must-have’ status in retail, it is also one of the industry’s most misunderstood concepts. Selecting and deploying personalization solutions is a challenge, and not due to lack of choice. In fact, there are numerous vendors that promise to enable personalized shopping experiences. In addition to an overpopulated marketplace, the industry is also confronted with another challenge: how to select and deploy personalization solutions when it is unclear what personalization looks like.

Instead of thinking of physical, mobile, desktop, social etc. as individual channels, retailers must take a holistic view of their business that places the shopper at its heart. To achieve this, companies must truly understand their customer base and behavior, which means deploying the right personalization tools at the back end to deliver the right kind of personalized experience at the front end. Here’s how:


KIDBOX Launches Exclusive Personality-Based Private Label Brands

KIDBOX has delivered a more personal touch to its shopping experience with the launch of three private label brands. The new lines are designed to be curated based on the personalities of children wearing the company’s apparel. The brand lines — Miki B., Kid’s Club and Baby Basics — complement the more than 130 premier brand partners in the KIDBOX portfolio and speak to the four style personality types that KIDBOX has found children identify with most — City Cool, Sporty Athletic, Modern Casual, and Classic Preppy (Kid’s Club).

The new brands launched in August 2018, just six months after initial product design was completed. The three new brand lines represent between 15% and 20% of the retailer’s total assortment, according to Miki Berardelli, CEO.


RTP Simplifies Reader Search With Amazon, Holiday Hubs

Retail TouchPoints runs numerous articles highlighting the importance that search functionality plays in digital commerce. We have taken these recommendations to heart by creating two new article hubs. One collects all of our Holiday 2018 coverage; the other organizes the publication’s coverage of Amazon.

These hubs join existing indexes, listed at the top of the Retail TouchPoints home page, that gather coverage of:


Intellimize Delivers AI-Powered E-Commerce Site Personalization

Intellimize is a platform provider built to personalize e-Commerce sites for each individual visitor, and increase sales, basket size, visitor engagement and loyalty across all devices. The machine learning-powered system is designed to automatically show the best performing version of a retailer’s site for each unique visitor while continually updating its algorithm.

The platform enables retailers to test many ideas simultaneously, and is designed to eliminate the need to manually manage experiments and deploy winners, freeing up marketers to drive more customer insights and revenue.


3 Ways For Retailers To Leverage The Extended ‘Back To School’ Season

0aaSigvartVossEriksenClass may be in session, but that doesn’t mean back to school shopping is over. According to an August survey from the National Retail Federation and Prosper Insights & Analytics, as students prepared to head back to school, only 17% of school shoppers and 15% of college shoppers were completely done, while 21% and 23%, respectively, hadn’t even started yet.

This delay in shopping means there are still ways to reach consumers, especially as retail brands are continuing to look for ways to remain competitive. In this unpredictable market it’s important that brands rethink how they communicate with consumers online, captivate them, and understand how their purchase decisions evolve over time. This will ultimately help retail businesses personalize and tailor the user experience and allow them to continue to thrive in this challenging environment.

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Photo credit: NRF

Personalization has been at the forefront of many retail conversations over the past year, and the concept once again took center stage at the National Retail Federation (NRF) conference in Las Vegas, held Sept. 12-14.

The conference made clear that bringing a personalized experience to the customer journey and focusing on lifestyle are the top engagement drivers for retailers seeking to stay ahead of the pack.


The Evolving Luxury Industry Embraces Social Media And Personalization

Social media, which was once shunned by luxury retailers for fear of cheapening their exclusive image, is now being recognized as a valuable tool both online and in-store. The most successful luxury retailers also are increasing their personalization efforts, ensuring that customers feel like their personal style is at the forefront of the experience no matter how they shop.


Dynamic Yield Raises $32 Million, Boosting Personalization Capabilities To More Touch Points

Dynamic Yield, an AI-powered omnichannel personalization solution provider, has raised $32 million in a Series D funding round led by Viola Growth, with participation from Union Tech Ventures. The funding will help Dynamic Yield expand its personalization capabilities across kiosks, call centers, POS systems, IoT devices and other platforms. This round brings the company’s total funding to $77 million.

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