NYDJ Apparel Taps Salesforce For E-Commerce Enhancement

NYDJ Apparel has selected Salesforce to improve direct-to-consumer online channel growth, taking advantage of the Commerce Cloud and Marketing Cloud features to improve the shopping experience for the women’s denim and apparel brand.

Commerce Cloud will offer NYDJ shoppers content, campaigns, offers and recommendations based on information such as browsing history, past purchases and whether they are shopping on the web, smartphone or social media. Marketing Cloud will help NYDJ deliver the right message at the right time, such as by offering reminders or incentives to customers who add items to their cart without completing a purchase.


Adidas, Glossier Take Mobile Marketing To New Heights With Personalization, Shoppable Video

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As if further proof of the importance of a mobile-first strategy was needed, holiday 2017 demonstrated the influence of mobile as both a shopping and customer engagement channel. On Black Friday 2017, mobile generated 54.3% of visits and 36.9% of revenue, while mobile accounted for 37% of orders and 56% of visits on Cyber Monday, according to Adobe Digital Insights. These figures are fairly convincing arguments for the case that today’s digitally savvy consumers now rely on the small screen as a critically important stop in their shopping journeys.


Manthan Launches In-Store Personalization Platform

Manthan has debuted an in-store personalization solution for retailers powered by the TargetOne marketing engine.

Retailers can send notifications and personalized offers tailored to customers’ interests and preferences, either before the customer begins their shopping journey or while they’re at the store.


Deliver Personalization At Scale To Achieve Omnichannel Effectiveness

od red cal templateThere's no question that delivering contextual and relevant interactions at the moment of customer engagement is the key to maximizing revenue and customer satisfaction. Personalized messages result in 6x to 7x higher conversion rates than generic messaging, and consumer fatigue is dramatically reduced with relevant messages.

The key to achieving this objective is having a more intimate understanding of the consumer and where they are in their buyer journey. This enables retailers to hyper-personalize messages to specific consumers. There's value in solving the personalization challenge through a range of options – from simple data-based approaches to machine learning. Join guest speaker, Brendan Witcher, Principal Analyst from Forrester Research and Patrick Tripp from RedPoint for a webinar to explore:

  • The spectrum of personalization and how brands can evolve their personalization strategy from segmentation to individualization, including examples of brands that are doing it well today.
  • Deeper understanding of data quality and enhancement: bridging the marketing strategy to customer expectation gap starts with data.
  • Examples and tactics retailers can take from simple business rules to machine learning that drives automation and scale of next best action strategies.

Personalization: A C-Level Priority

0aaMukund Ramachandran DynamicYield

Achieving personalization at scale is increasingly being recognized as the “holy grail” of marketing. However, far too many CMOs are delegating the quest to their direct response teams, divorcing personalization from larger efforts to build a company’s brand. This approach is misguided and fails to leverage personalization as a tool for building brand equity while driving revenue.  

Personalization is not just an initiative for mid-level marketing managers or product people anymore. The executive team can’t afford to take a hands-off approach as too many fundamental pillars of the business are at stake. A personalized consumer experience affects so many touch points across platforms that it needs to be a C-suite priority for online retailers, publishers, and travel brands.


NRF 2018: Retail Personalization Reaches A Crossroads

The National Retail Federation Big Show jammed the Javits Center with people, technology and excitement from January 14 to 16, and Retail TouchPoints was there in force. In addition to conducting video interviews, our team of editors met with retailers, analysts and solution providers to get a line on the biggest trends that will be shaping retail in 2018.

Visit the #NRF2018 hub for our complete coverage.


Mobovida Boosts Revenue-Per-Email-Send 33% With Personalized Messaging

Mobovida, an online retailer of mobile accessories and handbags, is meeting the challenge of selling highly commoditized products with a two-pronged approach: providing fashion-forward products, and personalizing its messaging to strengthen shopper connections.

With the help of CRM platform provider Zaius, Mobovida has increased revenue-per-email-send 33%, and also has been able to:

  • Segment customers more intelligently to increase relevancy of its messages;
  • Personalize campaigns based on the history of each individual customer’s browsing and purchase behaviors; and
  • Coordinate customer communications and reduce unsubscribe rates.

Exclusive Q&A: How Alex And Ani Elevates Personalization To The Gift-Giving Level

0aaKatherineMonasebian AlexandAniPersonalization is a complex but necessary task, which can become even more complicated when the holiday season rolls around and gift-giving gets into high gear.

Alex and Ani, a brand built on the premise of customization, is tapping the benefits of personalization to help consumers choose the best gifts for their friends and family. In an exclusive interview with Retail TouchPoints, Katherine Bahamonde Monasebian, Head of Marketing and E-Commerce at Alex and Ani details why:

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