AB InBev, the multinational drink and brewing company, is transforming the traditional pub experience into one that is immersive and omnichannel. The company has collaborated with strategy and experience design agency YourStudio to launch Monarchy, an “innovation platform” that is shaping the future of the pub in a post-pandemic world. Monarchy is meant to be a reimagination of The Monarch pub, an iconic institution in Camden.

The goal of Monarchy is the same as any pub: to create a space to bring people together. But YourStudio brings this goal to the next level by creating a modular space for music, sport, culture and community. Monarchy is a physical venue that includes digital tech and engagement touch points, including self-serve taps, an online ordering system, animated digital signage for the main bars beer taps, programmable LED lighting and screening areas for special events. The end result is a flexible, tech-enabled event and broadcast space that adapts to a growing calendar of sport, music and brand takeovers.

“Monarchy is designed to be genuinely welcoming to all; a dynamic venue, that is able to smartly shift its purpose and mood to host various experiences,” said Tom Edington, Creative Director at YourStudio. “Sustainability and innovation are at the heart of the concept, with smart tech embedded throughout to allow the destination to intuitively respond to the customers desires, it’s your kingdom, your way.”

The design of the physical space takes inspiration from breweries; it is industrial but refined, cool but authentic. The designers re-used structures and restored the original flooring, paying homage to the location’s rich history. The palette inside has contrasting textures and embraces patterns with statement messaging and signage. Upon entry, visitors can choose their own journey by pouring themselves a pint with PerfectDraft, ordering a burger from Nanny Bill’s, grabbing a souvenir in the merch area or watching a live game in a dedicated super-scaled screening area. Downstairs, the vault also will host DJs, live music and events.

But Monarchy also drives long-term value for AB InBev: the space will serve as a live innovation hub for the company as it tests its latest initiatives. This “live testing lab” will generate a wealth of data about local consumers and ultimately help the company understand how consumers respond organically to new tech, products and experiences.

Photos courtesy of: YourStudio



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