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Journey Analytics Platform Tracks Path To Conversion

Journey by CAKE is a cloud-based solution designed to provide retailers with an end-to-end view of a customer’s path to conversion across multiple channels and devices. Built on the CAKE Marketing Intelligence platform, the solution collects and analyzes granular first-party data about significant brand interactions that shoppers engage with prior to a conversion in order to measure marketing performance. Retailers can capture insights on how digital campaigns are performing across a range of online and offline channels including search, email, social, affiliate, direct, referral, TV and radio. The solution enables marketers to make decisions derived from real-time data by combining: Insights: Centralized multi-channel measurement across search, email, social affiliate, direct, mobile and more, plus a customer journey analytics dashboard; Multi-Touch Attribution: Rules-based and data-driven attribution modeling providing clarity into channel and campaign optimization efforts; Connections: Seamless integrations with digital media platforms, including Google, Bing, Facebook, Shopify, and others, to streamline the process of pulling in cost data and the tracking of first-party data across all digital channels; and  Solutions: Additional solutions for Lead Generation and Affiliate Management to facilitate closed-loop measurement of the entire online customer journey.

Savitude Simplifies Search For Women’s Fashion

With SaaS technology designed to simplify the shopping experience, Savitude is working to reshape the search for women’s fashion. The company’s visual recognition and machine learning technology uses a knowledge base that matches body shape and proportions with clothes that will fit best. Customers answer a series of six questions designed to help categorize their body shapes. Savitude has screened and digitized hundreds of women using 3D scanners to create the body shapes, and uses this information to suggest clothes that will fit the customer’s body shape best.

Evergage Launches SmartSurveys Solution

Customer data platform (CDP) provider Evergage has launched SmartSurveys, a Voice of the Customer (VoC) solution designed to enable brands to create and deliver targeted surveys. Via SmartSurveys, companies can ask timely and relevant questions that are tailored to each customer, and then use the response data to affect and improve the customer’s experience.

OpenSimSim Offers Employee Scheduling Platform

OpenSimSim is an employee scheduling solution designed to help managers within the restaurant, hospitality and retail sectors to create weekly schedules for employees. The platform, which offers apps for iOS and Android devices, allows businesses with hourly workers to promote open and timely communication between workers and managers, and comes with advanced features for multi-location businesses and franchises. Schedule templates supported by the solution enable users to create a weekly schedule that displays staff availability and hours worked in one place, helping managers to avoid scheduling conflicts or accidental overtime. A budget view that allows users to keep labor costs in line with the company’s budget also can be displayed.

Coupit Offers Blockchain-Driven E-Commerce Marketplace

Coupit, an open marketplace built on the NEO blockchain, is designed to help retailers streamline shopping by centralizing discounts, rewards and transaction histories under one site. The platform connects customers directly with vendors, using smart advertising to target shoppers based on their buying history at no cost to the vendor. The blockchain technology eliminates the risk of a customer data compromise by verifying vendor identities. It also makes automatic payments to vendors that have a history on the network.

Simplr Offers On-Demand Customer Service Solutions For Startups

Simplr combines customer service solutions with machine learning and customized client dashboards to provide high growth e-Commerce businesses with affordable, flexible and on-demand U.S.-based customer service. The Simplr solutions are designed to deliver a right-sized, pay-what-you-use model for retailers to outsource their customer service needs. The Simplr team first analyzes and evaluates a retailer’s customer service approach, history and messaging to get a complete sense of the brand before it leverages, trains and supports an on-demand team to respond to customer inquiries. The customer support team stays on standby to receive inbound emails, live chats, and/or SMS messages.

Eversight Launches AI-Powered Pricing Suite

Eversight has introduced Eversight Pricing Suite, a cloud software solution that leverages AI to help brands and retailers optimize their investment in price to enhance sales and margin for the category and store. The Eversight Pricing Suite is designed to enable manufacturers and retailers to be more agile and adaptive in the face of fluctuating market conditions and consumer behaviors. With the platform, retailers can discover which items they need to match or beat competitors on and where their price investments drive the highest value.

Deputy Debuts AI-Powered Auto-Scheduling

Deputy, a workforce management software platform, has launched Auto-Scheduling, a solution designed to enable companies to create, optimize and fill legally compliant schedules across industries such as retail, restaurants and health care. At a time when businesses are encountering increasing issues with minimum wage, overtime and Fair Workweek laws, Auto-Scheduling uses AI and machine learning technology to build an optimal schedule based on data analytics from multiple demand signals, including sales, foot traffic numbers and table reservations.

Moltin Offers API For Digital Displays, Social Shopping

Moltin, an e-Commerce solution provider, has introduced an API designed to enable retailers to deliver holistic experiences to consumers when they interact with the brand, whether through interactive digital displays, social media, smart television, video games or any other touch point.

Rightpoint Debuts Spark Commerce Solution

Rightpoint has launched Spark Commerce, an accelerator designed to provide a scalable structure to quickly launch digital commerce storefronts. The solution is designed for new customers and established brands seeking to open new sales channels while providing personalized transaction experiences. It offers scalable page templates and commerce components that provide a mobile-ready experience, offering easy-to-edit templates that are customizable to a customer’s branding.

JDA Software Launches Next-Generation Solutions Portfolio

JDA Software Group has launched JDA Luminate, a portfolio of solutions and core product enhancements designed to improve users’ ability to predict consumer demand and deliver faster fulfillment by connecting stores, distribution centers, logistics and manufacturing under one digital network. The solutions are built on an open, cognitive and connected platform that can help retailers generate decisions based on real-time data.

Symphony RetailAI Debuts Promotion Planning Platform

Symphony RetailAI has launched SR Promotion PlanningAI, a platform designed to give category managers the prescriptive recommendations they need to accurately forecast and plan promotional events, measure effectiveness and adjust tactics with agility. The platform’s AI-based forecasting model provides recommendations and what-if analysis, allowing users to adjust the promotion parameters in real time to maximize sales, margins or volumes. SR Promotion PlanningAI also brings the power of artificial intelligence to promotional circulars, to maximize promotional lift and store traffic. 

Yieldify Offers Customer Journey Optimization, Conversion Platforms

Yieldify, a Customer Journey Optimization (CJO) platform designed to help e-Commerce businesses deliver customer journeys that convert, integrates into existing workflows and leverages proprietary data to recognize what actions will generate the greatest impact before creating CJO campaigns for every customer. The scalable, customizable platform enables brand marketers to insert personalized touch points and gives them full control of the online customer experience. The data-driven solution takes a holistic approach to the customer journey, enabling brands to identify how consumers interact with a brand, discover causes of cart abandonment and encourage customers to spend more.

Pitney Bowes Launches SendPro Enterprise

Pitney Bowes has introduced SendPro Enterprise, a cloud-based multi-carrier and PC postage software solution designed to give enterprises greater visibility and control over rising carrier costs and parcel shipping volume. SendPro Enterprise is designed for organizations with multiple locations and remote employees. The platform includes an operational dashboard that consolidates a view across the entire organization.

TruRating Unveils Full Online Offering Following Magento Extension

TruRating, a multichannel customer feedback solution for retailers, hospitality and service businesses, has unveiled its extension with Magento Commerce. The customer feedback solutions will now be available to Magento merchants and all online retailers. With the extension, retailers can gather customer feedback through online and brick-and-mortar channels, combining ratings with transaction data.
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If you would like us to consider featuring your product or service on the Retail TouchPoints web site and in the weekly email newsletter, please submit your solution here: Solution Spotlight Submission Form.