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Branch Messenger Unveils Real-Time Payroll Access For Hourly Employees

Branch Messenger has launched the Branch Pay feature, a technology directly connected to an employee’s schedule that is designed to give hourly workers instant access to earnings after each shift. The Branch technology will allow workers to tap into wages at a cadence dictated by the number of hours worked in a given pay period. Requiring no integration with a retailer’s existing payroll system, the employee can opt into Branch Pay after downloading the Branch application and connecting it to their bank account.

Tobii Pro Launches Sprint Eye-Tracking Design Tool

Tobii Pro, an eye-tracking research solutions provider, has unveiled Tobii Pro Sprint, a web-based tool that facilitates user testing of digital products and services. Tobii Pro Sprint allows UX designers to view and/or record the test participants' eye movements while using their service or product on a computer equipped with a Tobii eye tracker. For example, a retailer needing to streamline navigation and the number of steps in the checkout process on its e-Commerce site can turn to the eye-tracking platform to help convert site visitors to buyers.

Hitachi Solutions America Launches Accelerated Retail Implementation Program

Hitachi Solutions America, a provider of Microsoft Cloud-powered business solutions, has launched its Fast-Tracked Retail Implementation, a pre-configured program designed to give retailers faster time-to-market of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and other products related to ERP, CRM, field service and IoT. From beginning to end, retail solutions can be deployed within 16 weeks.  Fast-Tracked Retail Implementation is designed to enable retailers to adapt to the reality of connected consumers and their changing demands. Additionally, the technology enables large retail organizations to perform proof-of-value testing, to get a thorough understanding of the solution and learn how to develop a comprehensive implementation plan.

Epson Partners With ShopKeep To Offer SMB Solution

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ShopKeep has partnered with Epson America to offer a solution that helps SMB retailers and restaurants improve operational efficiency and customer service. ShopKeep has certified the Epson TM-m10 POS and TMU220 receipt printers, offering the products to its 25,000+ retail and hospitality merchants.

ThoughtWire Integrates With Mappedin To Provide IoT-Based Store Mapping Guides

Mappedin has integrated its mapping and wayfinding technology into commercial IoT applications from ThoughtWire, an operations performance management platform provider. The integrated solution is designed to change how retail property owners and building operations managers oversee and guide partners, tenants and consumers through retail and other commercial building spaces. ThoughtWire will embed Mappedin’s technology initially within its Smart Building Suite, which is designed to: Improve spatial awareness and intelligence of indoor spaces; Accelerate data collection; Overlay IoT devices on intuitive maps; and Make insights actionable.

Paysafe Launches ‘Accelerated Funding’ For U.S. SMBs

Paysafe has launched Paysafe Accelerated Funding, a suite of same- or next-day funding settlement options for U.S.-based small businesses (SMBs). This offering leverages PayPal’s collaboration with and Ingo Money to help digitize merchant settlement for real-time funding transactions. The portfolio includes three separate funding options: Express Funding, Same-Day Funding, and Next-Day Funding. All three options enable merchants to acquire their funds faster, but each requires the retailer to apply for funding before a specific time. Express Funding enables merchants to receive their available funds within a few hours via a linked debit card, during weekdays as well as on weekends and holidays, as long as the owner applies before 6 pm ET. Owners must apply for Same-Day Funding by 8 am ET, and Next-Day Funding by 11 pm ET.

Studio Proper Launches Second Generation Of Business Solutions Hardware

Studio Proper, a product design studio, has launched the newest generation of its technology solutions for businesses using Apple iPad devices, including an iPad stand, swivel stand and wall mount. With capabilities ranging from hospitality to retail environments, Proper Business Solutions are designed to accommodate checkout and order processing for restaurants or bars, POS and customer service interactions for retailers and self-service capabilities for enterprises, such as reception desks or conference rooms.

Intellimize Delivers AI-Powered E-Commerce Site Personalization

Intellimize is a platform provider built to personalize e-Commerce sites for each individual visitor, and increase sales, basket size, visitor engagement and loyalty across all devices. The machine learning-powered system is designed to automatically show the best performing version of a retailer’s site for each unique visitor while continually updating its algorithm. The platform enables retailers to test many ideas simultaneously, and is designed to eliminate the need to manually manage experiments and deploy winners, freeing up marketers to drive more customer insights and revenue.

[24] Unveils New Conversational Commerce Capabilities For AIVA Chatbot

[24], a customer engagement solutions company, has debuted advanced conversational capabilities for its AI-powered virtual agent [24]7 AIVA. The advanced conversational AI is designed to detect user emotion, acknowledge it, respond empathetically and take logical actions, just like a human agent. The bot can detect positive or negative emotion, and also analyze the strength of those emotions and react accordingly before handing over to a human agent as needed.

FLEAT Launches AI-Powered Mobile Retail Vehicle Network

Fleat Network, a startup that enables retailers to mobilize their operations to fulfill off-premise sales, is testing customized mobile retail vehicles (MRV) designed to distribute perishable goods. The MRVs, combined with the company’s AI-powered StreetLogic technology, deliver a real-time network that automates the order and delivery process.  The technology leverages a retailer's customer database to appeal to shoppers through unique, personalized offers using AI and geolocation. Once a customer is paired with a mobile storefront operating in their area, they receive a notification, and then can choose from available inventory and place an order for curbside delivery using their mobile device.

CleverTap Launches Omnichannel Campaign Builder

CleverTap, a mobile customer engagement and analytics solutions provider, has launched Journeys, an omnichannel campaign builder designed to help marketers engage with customers along their individual paths-to-purchase throughout the app lifecycle.

UnDigital Launches Package Insert Advertising Marketplace

UnDigital, the package insert marketplace that launched in July 2018, gives advertisers of all sizes access to an inventory of more than 300 million packages for insert ads. Additionally, the service is designed to empower retailers to transform package overhead into a bottom-line business driver.  With billions of packages shipped annually, UnDigital is seeking to bring scalability to insert advertising. The marketplace is designed to enable marketers to reach new consumers in a measurable, testable channel with positive brand association and guaranteed viewability.

Zaius Unveils Segment Builder 2.0

Zaius has debuted new segmentation capabilities, designed to let marketers create highly customized customer segments for advanced analytics and targeted campaign execution. Segment Builder 2.0 is designed to empower marketers to create segments based on the most comprehensive data set, ingesting data from any system in their marketing stack. Marketers can get a unified view of e-Commerce and POS data, as well as data pulled from web sites, mobile apps, ad platforms, satisfaction ratings and customer service support tickets.
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If you would like us to consider featuring your product or service on the Retail TouchPoints web site and in the weekly email newsletter, please submit your solution here: Solution Spotlight Submission Form.