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Influenster Introduces Video Review Feature

Influenster, a product discovery and reviews platform,announced the addition of a video review feature designed to allow users to upload short-form videos of product reviews on the app. The video product reviews on Influenster provide brands with a new channel for incorporating organic user behavior for sales conversions. 

Webcollage Launches Mosaic For Interactive Product Pages

Webcollage has launched Mosaic, an interactive tool designed to enable brands and retailers to strategically place rich product assets in key product page positions. The solution is designed to take advantage of “prime real estate” on the retail web site where shoppers will notice interactive manufacturer content. Available within the Webcollage Content Publisher platform, the Mosaic Board serves product images and video above the fold, next to the add-to-cart button and at other prominent locations on e-Commerce pages. 

Worldpay Upgrades Total Payment Platform

Worldpay U.S. has upgraded to its Worldpay Total offering, an omnichannel payment platform designed to let merchants connect and simplify payments across all sales channels through a single integration point. These new capabilities are designed to enable retailers to meet a wider variety of shoppers needs while offering an enhanced payments experience.

Swrve Launches Premium Analytics For Reporting And Insights

Swrve has unveiled its Premium Analytics offering, a new add-on to the existing Swrve Mobile Engagement Platform. Swrve’s Premium Analytics is designed to offer organizations insights, reporting and analytics capabilities. The platform hosts all of an organization’s mobile data, giving enterprise data scientists complete capabilities for data mining, reports and predictive modelling, to lend strategic insights about their business’ mobile performance.

Bluecore Unveils Audience Insights Dashboard

Bluecore has released the latest addition to its platform, Audience Insights, a dashboard designed to provide marketers with behavioral and product-based insights on any audience segment. Retailers can use Audience Insights to visualize predictions about how customer segments will engage, and develop more strategic campaigns accordingly. They can then push those audiences to channels such as email, social and display advertising to take action. This real-time understanding of customer activity and catalog changes gives marketers insights into products that: Convert at the highest rates; Drive the highest revenue for a given segment; Have low views but high conversion rates, therefore presenting the greatest opportunity for new incremental revenue.

Indoorway Introduces Marketing Intelligence Platform

Indoorway has launched a Marketing Intelligence tool designed to make any brick-and-mortar space interactive. The solution is designed to enable precise indoor positioning and analysis of user traffic and routines. With the Marketing Intelligence platform, retailers and venue owners can make data-driven decisions and increase customer engagement through location-based services and real-time marketing communication.

PayPal Launches Global Sellers Service For SMBs

PayPal has unveiled PayPal Global Sellers, a cross-border trade service designed to help U.S. SMBs increase their international presence and sales. PayPal partnered with Webinterpret to launch the service, which can bring a retailer’s online store to various countries. PayPal Global Sellers address international growth barriers with a suite of tools including features such as: Localized web site translation, enabling buyers to search in their own language and currency; Taxes/duties presentment; International shipping and return facilitation; and Localized checkout and payment processes, with prices converted based on current exchange rates.

Newgistics Releases SmartLabel+ For E-Commerce Returns

Newgistics has launched SmartLabel+, a solution designed to simplify the e-Commerce returns process for retailers and brands. When a customer initiates a return that uses SmartLabel+, parcels are routed to the nearest “first touch” Newgistics facility, instead of sending merchandise directly back to a retailer’s distribution center. This enables Newgistics to more quickly open and inspect a return and then follow the appropriate instructions for processing specific products.

Bazaarvoice Launches Brand Edge Ratings Platform

Bazaarvoice has launched Brand Edge, a solution designed to enable brand marketers to quickly collect influential consumer ratings and reviews and distribute them directly to retail e-Commerce sites in the Bazaarvoice Network. To complement Brand Edge, Bazaarvoice also offers sampling services as an add-on option. For brands launching new products or trying to accelerate review collection, sampling clients can engage their own customers or the growing Bazaarvoice shopper community, Tryit, to trial new products and collect reviews.

Impinj Introduces Speedway R120 RFID Reader

Impinj has unveiled the Impinj Speedway R120 one-port, enterprise-grade fixed reader designed to connect RAIN RFID-enabled items to the Internet. Speedway readers have applications in retail, health care, logistics and manufacturing. The Impinj platform wirelessly delivers Item Intelligence — an item’s identity, location and authenticity — to business and consumer applications, and is designed to help businesses improve efficiencies, increase sales and delight customers.

Synchrony Financial Offers SyPi Mobile Plug-In For Retail Apps

Synchrony Financial has created a fully-integrated plug-in credit feature (SyPi) for the mobile apps of its retail partners. The SyPi technology is a patent-pending plug-in designed to integrate credit, loyalty, coupon codes and payment functions seamlessly into retailer-branded apps, to further enhance the mobile shopping experience for cardholders.

Hubba Launches Groups Feature To Connect Businesses Through Discussion

Hubba has launched Hubba Groups, a new feature enabling business owners to connect and access real-time answers and insights, in order to solve challenges and partnership opportunities and grow their businesses faster.  Designed specifically with the idea of helping small businesses to engage, collaborate and learn from each other, Hubba Groups allows buyers, brands and influencers in the commerce community to ask questions, provide answers and initiate discussion on the topics important to them.

Segmentify Launches SaaS Tool For Product Recommendations, Conversion Analytics

Segmentify, a SaaS tool designed for e-Commerce businesses, is designed to enable online stores to make real-time personalized product recommendations and use machine learning technology to recognize shopper interests and behavior. The platform provides product recommendations for retailers’ home page, product pages, category pages and basket page.

Lexalytics Releases ECommerce Industry Pack Analytics Software

Lexalytics has released the eCommerce Industry Pack, a specialized version of the company’s text analytics software. The eCommerce Industry Pack leverages the solution provider’s experience in developing natural language processing (NLP), machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence technologies to gain insights from large volumes of data. Retailers and social media marketers can analyze feedback from sources such as online comment sessions, customer surveys, product reviews, social media and call logs to uncover correlations that might not be obvious to humans. 

RetailerIN Releases Platform To Measure In-Store Shopper Interaction

RetailerIN, an in-store analytics and engagement solution, uses IoT data analytics and machine learning to provide retailers with suggestions to improve their processes and optimize store profitability. The platform measures how shoppers move and interact with products in a physical store. It then connects with data sources such as cameras, WiFi, receipts and weather, and uses advanced algorithms to extract store-level KPIs from the raw data.
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If you would like us to consider featuring your product or service on the Retail TouchPoints web site and in the weekly email newsletter, please submit your solution here: Solution Spotlight Submission Form.