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Janam Releases XT200 Mobile Device For Barcode Scanning, POS Tracking

Janam Technologies, a mobile computer provider, has introduced a touch computer with a five-inch display and Google’s “Android Enterprise Recommended” (AER) certification called the XT200. This latest model is designed to operate for years in retail, direct store delivery and field store environments. The smartphone-like tool includes capabilities such as tracking POS and offering proof of delivery to empower mobile workers and improve process efficiencies. The computers include specifications such as WiFi Fast Roaming connectivity, 4G LTE for voice and data and support for instant Push-to-Talk.

Ceridian Adds On-Demand Pay Feature To Employee Management Platform

Ceridian’s Dayforce, an employee management platform capable of handling human resources, payroll, benefits, workforce management and talent management, has added On-Demand Pay. The tool offers workers more autonomy by letting them request pay as soon as their shift is over rather than forcing them to wait on a set schedule. Professionals can access employee payroll data in real time at any given point within the pay period, rather than waiting until 18 hours after the period has ended. The tool also continuously calculates net pay and can share employee information instantly across the entire application.

Keywest Technology Upgrades Digital Signage Control Software

Keywest Technology, a full-service digital signage firm, has introduced the Breeze 3.0 digital signage software. Compared to previous versions, the third generation platform adds new features, workflow improvements, support for more powerful hardware and enhanced security features. Breeze offers a cloud-based server that can be used as the central hub for all deployed digital signs, schedules, media playlists and other content. Keywest Technology handles the initial setup and server management, while users are responsible for the Breeze player internet connectivity and video signal connection.

BlueSnap Launches Integrated Payments Capabilities For Software Vendors

BlueSnap, an online payments solution provider, has launched Integrated Payments for Platforms to provide embedded payments for independent software vendors (ISVs). The tool enables ISVs to scale and monetize their business with a single payments provider with tools that can manage the entire program end-to-end. ISVs can use Integrated Payments for Platforms to embed payments into their software across all channels with a single integration to 30 global banking partners. BlueSnap also manages the underwriting and compliance processes while absorbing the payment risks, and users can automatically split payments and determine revenue share of each transaction processed by their customers.

NEC Display Solutions Launches Automated Content Creation Tool

NEC Display Solutions, a digital signage solution provider, has launched the NEC Analytics Learning Platform (ALP) Pro, which offers automated content creation and recommendations for targeted customers using AI-based analytics. The tool enables retailers to customize display content based on factors including age, gender, events and weather. The software automatically sets and recommends rules to target ads based on non-identifying demographic data. The platform can analyze retailers’ merchandise photos and videos, and provide message viewer rates and message efficiency rates so retailers can better analyze the impact of their ad campaigns.

Teikametrics Connects Amazon Merchants With Relevant Agencies

Teikametrics, a retail optimization platform that helps retailers enhance Amazon advertising campaigns, has launched an in-app agency partner directory. The tool helps sellers to connect with pre-verified e-Commerce services providers in areas including technical support, content management and social media buying. The solution provider’s Flywheel ROP platform uses proprietary data science and econometrics models to analyze a combination of advertising, transaction and inventory data to help retailers bid profitably on Amazon advertising. The agency listing will add access to a network of experts in multiple geographic and industry areas.

Autofunnel Streamlines E-Commerce Marketing With Pregenerated Content

GetResponse now offers the Autofunnel solution to help e-Commerce retailers attract customers, drive sales and measure results with a complete set of integrated marketing tools. The automated sales funnel generator simplifies the process of building pages, as well as automating emails and cart abandonment messages. The solution provides specific paths on how to reach customers by offering scenarios that include pregenerated marketing copy and images, letting retailers fill in the blanks to customize their outreach. Specific capabilities include:

NPD Launches Price Permission Tool To Sharpen Retailer Pricing Strategies

The NPD Group has introduced a solution designed to improve retailers’ understanding of where and when they can price their goods differently from the rest of the market. The Price Permission tool helps retailers build pricing, merchandising and service strategies that help them stand out from competitors. The solution analyzes item pricing and buying behavior, both online and in-store, based on weekly point-of-sale data, assessing price and promotion activity across different brands and retailers. Retailers can use this information to check which categories are heavily commoditized, where they can invest and where consumers are willing to spend more.

CleverTap Launches Contextual Recommendation Engine

CleverTap, a mobile marketing automation platform, has released a product recommendation engine aimed at unifying engaging tactics that are usually handled as separate actions. The tool can offer recommendations via push, in-app, webhooks, SMS and app inbox. The platform offers recommendations based on purchase behaviors, buying habits and usage trends to ensure the maximum value from each promotion. Specific benefits of the recommendation engine include:

SalesRX Offers Training Delivered In Short Bites

The Retail Doctor SalesRX online training program is designed to help companies grow their brick-and-mortar sales by teaching employees how to build authentic connections with customers. The training consists of short three- to five-minute lessons that allow for real-time feedback. The lessons are accessible from any Internet-connected device, letting associates practice anytime and anywhere. SalesRX seeks to get every associate speaking the same “sales language” in an effort to drive faster sales and better-quality shopper conversations.

Klarna Launches Global Customer Authentication Platform

Klarna has introduced a global authentication platform that allows multinational businesses to provide secure, personalized customer authentication experiences in any market through a one-time integration. The solution is designed to keep shopper data safe and remain compliant with regulations without adding friction to the user experience. Businesses can access a range of global and local authentication methods, including SMS and email one-time passwords, and pick the ones best suited to their customers. Once embedded, the platform will be kept up-to-date as new authentication methods are automatically added without any extra work from the retailer.

Vertex Expands Tax Compliance Versatility With Elastic Path Integration

Vertex, a tax technology and services solution provider, has integrated with Elastic Path to empower retailers with automated e-Commerce sales and use tax calculations. The partnership further deepens the software’s suite of ERP, procurement, billing and e-Commerce platforms. Elastic Path already offered a range of enterprise API-first solutions, and will now leverage the Vertex tax calculation solution to help customers deliver a cohesive e-Commerce experience across multiple lines of business, locations and channels. The integration enables companies to create a unified platform that can be tailored to fit their needs.

TradeGecko Offers Founder Plan To Help SMBs Consolidate Operations Management

TradeGecko, a cloud-based inventory management platform, offers order management solutions suited for SMBs. The company also has introduced the Founder Plan for early stage retailers, which can help entrepreneurs scale their businesses as sales increase. The Founder Plan is a fully automated system that consolidates operations management functions in a single location, helping keep inventory levels, sales channels and accounting systems up-to-date. The basic plan supports one user, one channel and up to 50 orders per month. As retailers grow, they can expand the tool to add new sales channels, bringing them together under one system, as well as upgrade to plans with a wider range of features. Other capabilities of the TradeGecko platform include: A price list importer that can add and change prices of inventory; The ability to create, edit and email purchase orders that update inventory levels automatically; Tools to transfer stock between warehouses or receive and fulfill orders through specific warehouses; Automated invoicing; Real time sales reports; and Automatic records of customers’ order and purchase histories.

Honeywell Updates In-Store Mobile Productivity Device

Honeywell has launched an enhanced version of the Dolphin CT40 mobile computer that is updated with new audio and design capabilities that can help associates can deliver better in-store experiences. The full-touch device includes push-to-talk capabilities and eliminates the need to deploy multiple tools for in-store communications and inventory management. The device connects to Honeywell Operational Intelligence, a cloud-based software solution that tracks, manages and optimizes mobile computers across locations. The Dolphin CT40 also is compatible with Theatro and Optoro solutions. Additional apps are available through the Honeywell Marketplace, which includes both proprietary enterprise software and solutions developed by third parties.

Fluent Commerce Offers Unified Order Management Solution

Fluent Commerce, a cloud-native distributed order management solution provider, is focused on helping omnichannel retailers offer shoppers a unified commerce experience. The company’s technology suite includes software for tasks such as in-store tooling, inventory and location management, customer service, fulfilment optimization and reporting. The solution integrates a retailer’s physical warehouse and store inventory with its online store, optimizing delivery options for shoppers and providing tools that can help associates manage orders and track inventory. Retailers have full visibility and control over orders, fulfillment and returns, and can track them with orchestrated business rules.
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If you would like us to consider featuring your product or service on the Retail TouchPoints web site and in the weekly email newsletter, please submit your solution here: Solution Spotlight Submission Form.