Wize Commerce Tools Enhance E-Commerce Monetization And Demand Generation

Online retailers vying for consumer attention continually seek to differentiate themselves to attract new customers, increase clicks and turn clicks into dollars. An integrated e-Commerce monetization and traffic acquisition tool from Wize Commerce (formerly Nextag, Inc.) assists in achieving these goals with minimal installation and integration.

Launched globally in June 2012, Wize Commerce technology helps drive more revenue into retailers’ online and offline businesses using an optimization platform that operates on a massive scale. The solution is designed to help retailers substantially generate more traffic for the same marketing spend; optimize existing channels and test emerging ones; leverage current marketing and technology resources to boost ROI; better understand and serve their customers; and maximize their entire e-Commerce business models.

The company’s e-Commerce monetization and demand generation solution includes the following services:


  1. Silhouette a quick-start platform that packages monetization and traffic tools into one cohesive function. Silhouette lets retailers maximize the value of each customer visit, and optimize their investments and returns from both online and offline channels. 
  2. Campaign Management offering search engine management and optimization (SEM and SEO), retargeting, social banners/advertising, and email templates to boost ROI with demand forecasting.
  1. Monetization featuring capabilities for product recommendations, online testing, in-store mobile cross- and up-sell, data aggregation, search rank optimization and personalization, and mobile price matching capabilities to combat mobile showrooming.

Yahoo! partnered with Wize Commerce to enhance its product offerings across many international markets. Through Yahoo! Search, Yahoo! Mail, Yahoo! News, Yahoo! Sports, and Yahoo! Finance, the company’s content reaches more than 700 million Internet users around the globe. The Wize Commerce solution helped increase shopping traffic at Yahoo! by more than 40%, and more than double improvements in monetization. 

Calibex, a shopping comparison site, achieved record revenues of $15 million in 2011 after implementing Wize Commerce tools to leverage keyword data from every shopping category.  

The Wize Commerce team includes executives from Apple, Expedia, FedEx, Orbitz, PayPal and Ticketmaster.

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