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Confirmit is an on-demand software platform designed to enable customer feedback. Confirmit is designed to allow retailers to collect feedback through various channels, including Web, telephone, paper and IVR (Interactive Voice Response). As retailers increasingly take advantage of multiple sales channels, particularly online, this is crucial to meeting customer expectations.

Customer retention is critical to retailers, and to maximize retention, they need to create experiences that customers want to repeat, and products that customers want to repurchase. Retailer clients use Confirmit to collect actionable customer feedback at all key touchpoints in the retail process — from point of sale, through service interactions, complaints handling and renewal/repurchase.

Many retailers use Confirmit-powered surveys to run Web site effectiveness programs, test product ideas and create strong product and marketing messages.

Confirmit is headquartered in Oslo, Norway and has offices in London, New York and San Francisco. Formed in 1996, Confirmit initially focused on the Market Research industry. Confirmit was built to meet the needs of extremely demanding market researchers.


Market Relevance:
Customers have increasingly high expectations of the companies they deal with, and more choice than ever before. In addition, many customers place almost as much emphasis on good service as they do on price. As if that’s not challenging enough for retailers, they have more places to share their experiences. Facebook, Twitter, blogs, review pages — all of them give customers a voice and an opportunity to share their opinions about retailers with an enormous number of people.

Retailers can’t — and shouldn’t — try to control how customers talk about them. Instead, they must focus on creating experiences that they want their customers to talk about. Confirmit is designed to allow retailers to talk to their customers and take action based on what they’re told. The solution is designed to help retailers:

  1. Identify areas that frustrate or disappoint customers so they can improve any supporting processes and the customer experience.
  2. Act quickly when customers report dissatisfaction, improving retention and reducing costs of dealing with unhappy customers.
  3. Increase opportunities to cross-sell and up-sell products by better understanding what drives purchases.

Successful products need customer input to succeed. By running product-testing surveys through Confirmit, the solution is designed to offer retailers the ability to ensure that new products and product improvements meet customer demand, thus reducing the risk and associated costs of poorly received products. Market testing, particular of marketing messaging is also possible as Confirmit’s survey design capability enables videos and images to be inserted into surveys. By creating the right product, with the right message, retailers can strengthen relationships with their customers.


Confirmit is a software-as-a-service solution. Users log into the platform to:

  • Create corporate-branded surveys to ensure complete continuity of the customer experience, from purchase through to the feedback stage.
  • Escalate cases where a customer reports dissatisfaction. As Confirmit can be integrated with other customer systems, retailers can view customer value data and spending history along with feedback, helping to prioritize cases.
  • Build dashboard reports that can be shared across the business.

Retailers can use Confirmit to send surveys to customers through any combination of channels, including email, telephone, interactive voice response (IVR) or paper. While many retailers may use multiple channels already, these are usually supported by different systems and technologies and provide little consistency of experience at a cross-channel level. More worryingly, the data gathered through each channel remains in its own silo, massively reducing the benefits that can be realized from having a single view of the data. This results in a huge opportunity cost, as well as poor efficiency and productivity.

No matter which channel feedback is gathered through, retailers need to get a clear sense of what is being said quickly. All feedback gathered through Confirmit is reported in one  reporting dashboard. These dashboards can be tailored for each user to ensure that everyone can easily view the information relevant for them, without wading through huge amounts of data. For example, from a single report, the CEO will see a top-level view of customer satisfaction, while a store or channel manager will see results affecting only their own outlet. Reports can be filtered by channel, region, and customer segment, value or any other key variable to ensure the answers they need are always at their fingertips.

Reports help retailers to answer questions such as:

  • What processes are hindering sales?
  • Are different sales channels producing different customer experiences, and how can we standardize them?
  • How can we streamline the overall point of sale experience and reduce cost per sale?

Proof Points:
Many leading retailers use Confirmit to make improvements to their business. Key uses include:

  • Website effectiveness: By gathering feedback from online customers, retailers are able to redesign sites, improve navigation and build stronger delivery processes.
  • Improve customer services: Customer feedback is great for pinpointing staff training needs and identifying process improvements. This can result in more efficient contact center operations, more engaged staff and reduced callbacks, as agents are able to deal with customer queries more efficiently.
  • Product Improvements: Retailers can use Confirmit to gather the feedback that helps them to build a stronger product portfolio.

For example, a leading brand in the US with two retail Websites collects customer feedback using Confirmit.  After every online purchase, customers receive a survey requesting feedback about their online experience.  The customer database is integrated with Confirmit to pull in details about the customer’s purchase to give the company context to the feedback. The company can re-engineer business processes and workflows based on what their customers tell them.


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