Oculogx Launches A Trio Of Solutions To Streamline Order Fulfillment

Oculogx, an omnichannel order fulfillment solution provider, has launched a suite of products designed to improve order fulfillment speed and accuracy. The solutions were created for storefronts, warehouses and retail stores, and include wearables for hands-free order picking, real-time order management and analytics, and a mobile fulfillment application.

Each of the three solutions is designed to be scaled to retailer’s size in order to best meet its needs. The Oculogx suite consists of:

  • Ocx One: Hands-free order fulfillment software designed to increase efficiency through the use of Ocx One glasses, which offer employees a customized AR-driven interface to help them process orders more quickly. Associates can communicate with the software through voice and gestures.
  • Outline: A mobile order fulfillment application that can be used on employees’ own devices. The modular plug-and-play design was created to help retailers tailor the software to their individual processes.
  • Portal: An order management platform that can offer real-time fulfillment status as well as analytics. Portal is the backbone for Ocx One and Outline, and helps retailers create efficient picking plans that can increase pick rates.

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