Fathom Launches Management Platform For Beacon Ecosystems

Hardware and cloud-based software system Fathom has launched a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) proximity gateway solution designed to bring control, intelligence and context integrity to large networks of proximity beacon and IoT devices.

Fathom can help retailers cut costs, streamline operations, improve customer service and support targeted marketing campaigns. The insights derived from Fathom data will improve customer engagement, resource management and real-time analytics.

The Fathom Hub transforms stand-alone BLE beacons into a managed proximity ecosystem, reporting on the location and status of all beacons in the coverage area.


Through the Fathom Control cloud-based management interface, businesses can remotely manage their proximity networks, providing real-time visualizations of beacon deployments, and accessing configuration and monitoring tools to track assets and set alerts if beacons move or stop responding.

Additionally, Fathom renders valuable location data, derived from other nearby BLE devices such as wearables and smartphones.

Fathom’s design is beacon-agnostic, allowing it to locate, manage and monitor most BLE beacons regardless of manufacturer.  This means organizations that have already invested in beacon technology do not need to replace their current deployments and can preserve existing infrastructure investments. 

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