ActiveViam Offers On-The-Fly Custom Pricing Rules

ActiveViam Offers On-The-Fly Custom Pricing Rules

ActiveViam offers the ActiveViam for Pricing solution to enable retailers to instantly apply custom pricing rules for hundreds of thousands of items. The tool also lets users run multiple price scenarios on-the-fly to assess the impact on accumulated margin, competitor index, revenue and other user-defined KPIs.

ActiveViam for Pricing is built for scale, flexibility and transparency, and offers retailers a comprehensive view of their product offerings. The engine is powered by proprietary prescriptive analytics technology, which uses a combination of optimization and simulation algorithms to provide advice on possible pricing outcomes.

ActiveViam also offers ActivePivot, which lets inventory planners simulate various inventory holding positions and analyze their impact on service levels, warehouse capacity utilization, cost-to-serve, cash flow and working capital. The tool is designed to help retailers right-size inventory levels to ensure fewer out-of-stocks and write-offs for excess inventory while maximizing on-shelf availability.

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