Vince Camuto Brings Dynamic, High-Quality Visuals To E-Commerce Site

Designer footwear brand and retailer Vince Camuto sought to scale its rich content delivery to create more compelling visual experiences for consumers. Leveraging the Big Content Cloud from Amplience helped the retailer deliver dynamic media, including imagery and video, on its e-Commerce site, enabling customers to explore its product line of designer shoes, handbags and apparel in greater detail.

After integrating Amplience into its existing e-Commerce platform from Demandware in late 2015, Vince Camuto created responsive experiences that could automatically size and scale to any desktop, laptop or mobile device. With the platform, the retailer now could optimize the display content in various ways, including:

  • Dynamically rendering any image variant on demand from a single master asset;


  • Generating on-demand images of product color variants, monograms and other visual customizations; and

  • Automating 360° and 720° (up and over) spin set production to showcase a full view of products.

“For us being in the fashion industry, the quality of the imagery is paramount,” said Diana Takach, SVP of e-Commerce at Vince Camuto. “We felt Amplience had crystal clear imagery that was exactly how we intended it to be represented online.”

While the brand sought to improve its imagery, it wanted to accomplish this in a way that freed it up from the typically time consuming chores involved in front-end development. Upon transferring remaining assets from the legacy media system to the Amplience platform, the implementation process lasted only four weeks.

Enabling Content Sharing Across The Enterprise

While the dynamic imagery itself was the top priority of the Vince Camuto team, other features and functionalities provided added benefits for the brand.

For example, the platform includes a Content Hub that combines disparate content silos into a single content library. By unifying editorial and product content, image, video and document assets, the hub enables more efficient, collaborative and creative production processes. Additionally, it can streamline the creation of the rich shopping experiences that drive conversion.

“The service of the imagery via Amplience is a key here,” Takach said in an interview with Retail TouchPoints. “I would love for everything that we produce to be featured in Amplience. We have our PR team, an email marketing team and a retail team, and all of the content created by these departments should come from that platform so it’s consistent and hosted universally. We’re working on building that internally, but from a customer standpoint it’s just a matter of presenting beautiful, engaging brand content and we feel very confident that we’re able to do so in the setting that we have today.”

Vince Camuto not only aims to give shoppers a better visual experience on the web site, but also to enhance the buying experience of third-party retailers seeking to sell the brand’s merchandise.

With the first phase of implementation complete, Vince Camuto plans to work with Amplience to further leverage user-generated content and begin utilizing shoppable content across its web site.

“That’s the new method of advertising and driving new traffic, and the new way of word-of-mouth,” Takach noted. “By not being present, you run the risk of not benefitting from volumes and masses of word-of-mouth. It’s something we have and absolutely will be incorporating into our site, to experience the brand and leverage that global voice as much as possible.”

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