Cutie Pie Photo Studio Sees Success In A Snap With Pose POS System

Cloud-based POS solutions provide retailers with the tools and features they need to become more agile and responsive to customer demands. 

Cutie Pie Photo Studio, a small business based in Wisconsin, has improved back-end efficiencies and captured a more comprehensive view of the business since implementing the cloud-based POS solution from Pose.

With three studios located approximately an hour drive from each other, Cutie Pie Photo Studio owner Jennifer Gipp had to travel to each location to manually update its cash registers.


“To make updates, I would have to physically drive to all three studios and manually type in whatever changes I wanted to make,” explained Gipp in an interview with Retail TouchPoints. “We offer new items all the time, including customized bracelets, wallets and even purses. But with the traditional registers, we had to create new buttons on the register, which left room for error.”

 Using Pose, employees can easily create new product categories, as well as enter and revise orders. Employees also can upload photos of products instead of using complicated codes for each offering.  

“When we’re selling a necklace, there’s a picture of a necklace,” Gipp explained. “It’s a lot easier for employees and in turn, they make fewer errors.”

Having a cloud-based POS system also allows Gipp to easily pull reports and see which products and photo packages are most popular among consumers.

With the previous systems, Gipp would have to enter all sales into QuickBooks manually, which “took a lot of time,” she said. “Now I just have to pull a single report, which saves me a lot of time at the end of the month.”

At any time, Gipp also can pull more granular reports to get a more detailed view of business performance. For example, since employees receive commission based on sales, she can pull reports for each team member and break down their sales.

A customer relationship management (CRM) component also allows the Cutie Pie Studio team to create customer profiles, which include demographic information, as well as past purchases. 

“I can click on any customer and it shows me when they’ve been in, how much they’ve spent and what they purchased,” Gipp said. “This helps us better target customers. For instance, if a customer purchased canvases in the past, we can reach back out if we’re offering a special on them.”

Currently, the POS system is only available in the three studio locations. However, because Pose is cloud-based, Cutie Pie Studio is able to implement the platform on mobile devices, which will give team members access to the same tools and functionality anywhere and at anytime.

“If we were to go off site, the process would be incredibly easy,” Gipp noted. “It would [the remote team] the ability to sell and enter new information, and even send customers sales receipts via email, for example.”

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