Salesforce Introduces Customer 360 Capability For CRM

  • Written by  Klaudia Tirico
Salesforce Introduces Customer 360 Capability For CRM

Salesforce has kicked off its annual Dreamforce event with the launch of Customer 360, a click-based admin interface that helps connect and manage customer data across all Salesforce apps. The solution is designed to help retailers deliver a true unified cross-channel customer experience by connecting Commerce Cloud, Marketing Cloud and Service Cloud.

Customer 360 includes a set of platform services designed to enhance data management across Salesforce apps and provide access to consistent customer data. Features include:

  • Click-based UI for app and data management — The user interface positions admins to connect Salesforce apps and orgs, map and reconcile data across clouds and create a canonical data model that delivers a single source of customer data.
  • Reconciled 360 ID and profile across apps —Designed to enable Salesforce apps to recognize a customer across multiple channels, regardless of the source of identification — name, email, phone number or social media handle.
  • Pre-built packages for Service, Marketing and Commerce — These packages aim to let companies deploy experiences for common use cases. These can include a Service Cloud experience that enables users to see purchase and browse history from Commerce Cloud, or a Marketing Cloud journey that is triggered by an event in Commerce Cloud. According to the company, each package will have the necessary components to accelerate the delivery of connected experiences, including:
    • Service Cloud components will have pre-built connectivity to Customer 360;
    • In Marketing Cloud, pre-built journey and email templates will feature content and data sources from Customer 360; and
    • Commerce Cloud data and events will be distributed to every system connected to Customer 360.

To simplify access to customer data from systems outside of Salesforce, users will be positioned to implement API-led connectivity with the MuleSoft Anypoint Platform and to connect those APIs directly to Customer 360.

“As consumers, we know when a brand has gone the extra mile to deliver an amazing cross-channel experience, but creating that single view of the customer is extremely challenging for any company to do consistently,” said Bret Taylor, President and Chief Product Officer at Salesforce in a statement. “Customer 360 will make it easier for companies to bring service, commerce and marketing together to deliver the unified experiences that their customers demand — with clicks, not code."

Customer 360 is currently in pilot and will be generally available in 2019.

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