Planet 13 Adopts AI ID Verification for Cannabis Dispensary Security and Compliance

Planet 13 Adopts AI ID Verification for Cannabis Dispensary Security and Compliance
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Cannabis dispensary operator Planet 13 has adopted identification scanners for increased compliance and security. These are synced with the software provider’s AI-powered VeriScan Online Enterprise technology to accurately and quickly authenticate government-issued documents while also gathering important consumer data. The identification scanners are connected to each of Planet 13’s 16 check-in stations at its Las Vegas SuperStore.

An authentication engine built into the VeriScan technology is able to quickly detect fake identification, triggering alerts to store security regarding the presence of a suspicious patron. Planet 13 identification scanners are synchronized to a central database that immediately flags banned cannabis patrons at every entry point, increasing compliance and security. Additionally, VeriScan software’s data harvesting collects, separates and classifies customer information. Planet 13 is able to use this customer data as it designs locations and plans expansion with both SuperStores and smaller retail shops.

As the cannabis business evolves with shifts in state-level legislation, bringing greater scrutiny to data collection methods, and VeriScan monitor changing regulations to ensure dispensaries are current regarding requirements for:

  • Identification scanning;
  • Age verification;
  • Anti-looping law compliance;
  • Flagging banned patrons; and
  • Data retention.

“Planet 13 prides itself in meeting and exceeding the highest standards in all facets of our rapidly growing industry,” said David Farris, VP of Sales and Marketing at Planet 13 in a statement. “Age verification is critically important and’s solutions ensure we are in compliance.”


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