RSS Adds Lease-To-Own Program For 3 Million Items Adds Lease-To-Own Program For 3 Million Items has launched a lease-to-own purchase option through Progressive Leasing. The service allows customers to lease more than 3 million eligible products for up to 12 months.

Shoppers can apply for a Progressive lease at with no credit needed and an initial $49 payment. They will own the leased items after exercising a 90-day purchase option, an early lease buyout, or by completing 12 months of payments.


The lease-to-own program is the latest addition to a number of finance services provided by Overstock, including robo-advising investment, lending, credit cards and insurance.

Other retailers have worked with Progressive as well. Big Lots currently offers its own lease-to-own service, while Walmart ran a limited test in 2016. Walmart still offers layaway options for in-store purchases made between Aug. 30 and Dec. 10, but the program doesn’t extend to online orders.

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