Marshalls Debuts E-Commerce Site

After announcing in February that it would finally begin selling products online as well as in its 1,100+ stores, Marshalls has unveiled its first e-Commerce web site, The off-price retailer’s digital store will feature a mix of products, adding new, brand name and designer pieces daily as a way to re-create the “treasure hunt” aspect of shopping in a brick-and-mortar location. Online merchandise can be returned via mail or in-store at any Marshalls location.


The site includes interactive features including:


–       A gamified shopping feature that allows shoppers to view and sort products by swiping left or right, Tinder-style, to select favorite items or add them to a “buy later” list;

–       Frequently refreshed curated shops featuring the latest trends; and

–       Inspiration from influencers’ finds that will link shoppers to categories and similar products.

Marshalls’ sister retail chain T.J. Maxx already has a growing e-Commerce business, so Marshalls plans to use that site as a blueprint.

“We are thrilled to introduce, which allows customers to shop Marshalls anytime,” said Mark DeOliveira, Executive Vice President, TJX Digital US in a statement. “This site will feature a unique assortment of the brands and values that Marshalls is known for, and also offer customers the ability to shop through fun, interactive features and curations. “



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