Kwikee Launches Content Studio In Walmart Fulfillment Center

0akwikeeKwikee is partnering with Walmart to set up a content creation studio within the company's fulfillment center in Chino Hills, Calif. Kwikee, a brand assets and digital content creator, already is part of the Walmart Content Service Provider (CSP) program. The company will create, manage and distribute thousands of images and SKU descriptions in addition to creating marketing copy for

“As our digital shelves continue to expand, the need for consistent and high-quality SKU imagery and descriptions is critical for the growth of our e-Commerce initiatives,” said Ram Rampalli, Global Head of Content Acquisition for Walmart in a statement. “Capturing these assets from within our fulfillment center ensures accuracy and saves valuable time in the production process.”

Kwikee works with leading U.S. retailers to provide product packaging content for more than 3,000 CPG manufacturers representing 100,000+ products.

“Partnering with Walmart to be on-site at one of their fulfillment centers is a game-changer,” said Aidan Tracey, CEO of Kwikee parent organization sgsco. “Having immediate access to the inventory in a controlled environment allows our team to quickly and accurately provide Walmart with the premium digital assets they need to synchronize the physical and digital shelf in the fastest manner possible.”

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