Jordan Jack Launches Home Try-On Wedding Band Service

Jordan Jack Launches Home Try-On Wedding Band Service

Jordan Jack, an online jewelry retailer, will make wedding planning easier with the introduction of its direct-to-consumer Home Try On wedding band program. The service lets customers shop for, ship and try on up to five wedding bands at a time at no cost. To prevent fraud, Jordan Jack places a $50 hold on the customer’s credit card for each ring, and charges customers the full retail price if the retailer doesn’t receive notification of the sample box being shipped back within three days of receipt.

The retailer founded this year, will attempt to tap the bustling $72 billion U.S. wedding industry, which draws its revenue from the 2.3 million weddings held every year.

"Other companies sell wedding rings online, but we're the first to focus on breaking down traditional sales barriers and reducing anxiety by completely removing the risk," said Jordan Yoder, Co-Founder of Jordan Jack in a statement. "I wouldn't wish a trip to a mall jewelry store on my worst enemy."


Jordan Jack offers a wide range of rings at multiple price points, with metals ranging from traditional gold to the more contemporary stainless steel. The Home Try On service is designed to provide customers with confidence in their purchase by giving them the opportunity to live with a ring before making a commitment.

Selling jewelry online, particularly for high-stress occasions like weddings, has presented a tough challenge for e-Commerce retailers, although apparel retailers have made progress in this area. Borrowing Magnolia, a wedding gown rental service, and SnapSuits, a custom suit and tuxedo retailer, have both implemented Fashion Metric software from Bold Metrics to help ensure consumers receive properly sized garments. The platform calculates more than 50 unique body measurements based on a series of machine learning algorithms, resulting in fit accuracy rates as high as 90%.

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