Israeli Supermarket Makes Stores Accessible For The Blind And Visually Impaired

Shufersal, the largest supermarket chain in Israel, has implemented a solution that improves accessibility and orientation for blind and visually impaired shoppers. The RightHear app uses customers’ own smartphones to provide them with real-time audio descriptions about their precise location and surroundings.

The voice notifications are based on Bluetooth beacons placed around the store, which are attached to walls with a sticker. The directions can guide shoppers to the entrance as they arrive, whatever aisles or sections they seek inside, and then the checkout area and exit as they complete their trip. RightHear also includes an administrator dashboard, which lets staff program the system to meet the needs of their customers.


“RightHear allows retail chains to create a friendly and engaging environment for blind and visually impaired customers in every store, enabling them to shop independently and providing them with a good customer experience,” said Idan Meir, CEO of RightHear in a statement. “Supermarket/superstore managers can set the administrator dashboard to a maximum level of detail that even allows the user to find a specific part of the shelf where the products he wants are located.”

The solution has been installed at more than 600 locations, primarily in Israel, including malls, airports and restaurants.



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