Grupo Martí Improves Inventory Operations With Oracle

1grupomartiMexican sporting goods retailer Grupo Martí aims to enhance inventory control and improve CX with the recent deployment of Oracle Retail technology. The company will implement the Oracle Retail Merchandise operations management suite, Oracle Retail Store Inventory Management and Oracle Retail Allocation to make goods available to consumers in stores faster.

Group Martí operates more than 200 stores under seven different brands, including Tiendas Martí, Martí Outlet, Martí Digital, Clubes Sport City, Restaurantes City Café, Emoción Deportiva and Smart Fit. The company’s business model revolves around managing large volumes of inventory and it needed a solution that could help it scale to meet omnichannel demand.

Prior to implementing the Oracle Retail suite, it took Grupo Martí three to four months to stock stores with products. Now it can be done in a few weeks because the company is equipped to provide better visibility, to make more informed decisions on operations and inventory.

“One of the most important outcomes of the project was simplifying our business processes with a flexible and powerful tool – made possible with a seasoned implementation partner,” said Alejandro Oropeza, CIO of Grupo Martí in a statement. “The combination of Oracle Retail solutions with Retail Consult skills helped to empower the Martí team and made the project viable.”

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