Groupe Dynamite Implements Oracle Retail Merchandise Planning Platform

Groupe Dynamite Implements Oracle Retail Merchandise Planning Platform

0aagdGroupe Dynamite has deployed Oracle Retail Merchandise Financial Planning Cloud Service to drive inventory efficiency and productivity.

The fast fashion retailer selected Oracle because it needed one unified global planning approach to drive inventory performance, flexibility to configure the interface and the ability to infuse data science into assortment prioritization, all while supporting open-to-buy processes.

Additionally, the retailer wanted a holistic planning solution that provided store level detail and allowed it to make more strategic merchandise decisions.

The deployment of Oracle Retail Merchandising Financial Planning Cloud Service took three months. The retailer anticipates that it will implement the Oracle Retail Assortment Planning Cloud Service.

“Currently we have a team of regional product intelligence professionals dedicated to analyzing data and identifying and transferring products into stores,” said Sylvain Duval, Chief Operating Officer of Groupe Dynamite in a statement. “With millions of items per year, we need to be more efficient with how we allocate time for products, especially in a highly competitive market. We want to apply the science and optimization of Oracle Retail Cloud Services to drive efficiency and productivity today.”

Groupe Dynamite has partnered with Oracle Retail since 2011, when it launched fast fashion women’s apparel retailer brands Garage and Dynamite in the U.S. In 2014, Groupe Dynamite deployed Oracle Retail Merchandising, Stores and Financial Inventory Management solutions to accelerate international expansion with a single view of inventory.

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