Dixons Carphone Group Adopts Cloud Technology for Seamless Integration, Scalability

1-DixonsCarphoneLondon-based telecommunications retail and services company, Dixons Carphone Group is migrating to an IBM hybrid cloud to integrate two distinct infrastructures, post-merger, and enable easy scaling to better manage the peaks and valleys of seasonal shopping trends. 

“We know we can trust IBM Cloud to seamlessly integrate the infrastructures of both companies into one hybrid cloud that will enable us to continue focusing on other parts of the business,” said David Hennessy, IT Director for Dixons Carphone. “We are the retailer people trust to bring technology to life in a way that works for them and we are confident in IBM’s ability to support us in the next stage of our development.” 

Dixons Retail and Carphone Warehouse merged in 2014 presenting an opportunity to consolidate the infrastructures leveraging cloud solutions for flexibility, performance and cost savings. After assessing the long-term values and scalabilities of multiple cloud providers, the companies turned to IBM Cloud for a smooth transition to a hybrid cloud infrastructure. 


As a result, Dixons Carphone is planning to migrate about 2,500 server images from both enterprises with supporting database and middleware components from both infrastructures to an IBM hybrid cloud platform that comprises a private IBM Cloud with bare metal servers for production workloads and public IBM Cloud platform for non-production workloads.

The company is anticipating the IBM hybrid cloud solution will bring greater IT efficiency over the next two years. In addition, Dixons Carphone is looking to provide customers with a faultless e-Commerce and retail experience, even during busy retail periods including holidays and new product launches.



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