Back-To-School Ads Drive 50% Higher Click-Through Rates On Tablets

Retailers seeking to get the most out of their back-to-school email promotions may benefit the most by gearing them to tablet users. Back-to-school campaigns viewed on tablets generate a 50% higher click-through rate (CTR) compared to those viewed on PCs and other mobile devices, according to a study from LiveIntent.

Afternoons are the best time to reach shoppers, with back-to-school campaigns generating the most clicks and conversions between 12 pm and 6 pm, the data revealed. Unsurprisingly, 1 am to 5 am are the worst times for conversions.

Fridays and Sundays generate the most clicks and conversions, while Wednesdays and Saturdays were the worst days for these campaigns, coming in last in the number of clicks and conversions driven.


“Marketers have been pushing out their back-to-school campaigns increasingly early over the past several years to win those coveted dollars over competitors,” said Kerel Cooper, SVP Global Marketing at LiveIntent in a statement. “Timing is very critical here and pushing out earlier might backfire if they aren’t picking the right times. The data shows that marketers’ spend can be best used for targeting folks on tablets at the beginning and end of the weekend, when their target audience is able to take the time to shop.”

When it comes to content, back-to-school campaigns were most successful in newsletters devoted to categories such as personal finances and family and parenting, having a 2X higher CTR than the average campaign. In contrast, back-to-school campaigns saw 3X lower CTR than average in newsletters devoted to topics such as home and garden and arts and entertainment.

LiveIntent conducted the study by examining dozens of back-to-school campaigns from top retailers running on its platform, which reaches 250 million people monthly.

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