AdoreMe Rolls Out Smart Display-Enabled Fitting Rooms

AdoreMe has partnered with StoreAdvise to improve the privacy, service and convenience of its fitting rooms. The new system integrates IoT, RFID labels and smart displays to let shoppers interact with stylists without needing to open the door.

Shoppers can now request a different size, style or color garment using a smart display in the room, which immediately sends a notification to a stylist’s mobile device. These devices also carry information on what garments are already in the fitting room; which SKUs have been purchased; and which items are top sellers among garments that are tried on, to empower associates and give managers an improved view of customer behavior.


RFID tags are used to collect movement data, tracking both when shoppers bring merchandise into a fitting room and when they request a new item. AdoreMe will use this capability to track SKU popularity, allowing the retailer to optimize inventory levels down to the individual store. The data also will be shared with designers to help them understand which items are most popular with shoppers.

“Creating a positive customer experience is essential as we expand into physical stores and, as a digital native, we recognize the importance of using data to understand and appeal to shoppers,” said Stephanie Maes, VP of Retail Performance at Adore Me in a statement. “With StoreAdvise, we’ve found a way to deploy technology that supports our brand promise — we make shoppers comfortable, we personalize the experience and we give them confidence in the experience.”

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