Adobe Experience Cloud Adds Fluid Personalization, Smart Imaging Capabilities

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Adobe is unveiling new capabilities for its Adobe Experience Cloud, a suite of solutions designed to boost shopper experiences through advertising, analytics and marketing.

The new features are designed to:

• Create fluid, personalized experiences that adapt to consumer context: The platform combines Experience Manager’s ability to deliver content across channels with Adobe Target for personalization and testing, enabling retailers to test and personalize content at scale. This new capability — Fluid Personalization — is designed to remove the bottleneck to personalization at scale by leveraging Adobe Sensei technology, to deliver and optimize the experience based on situational context.


• Intelligently adjust images based on bandwidth: Smart Imaging adjusts imagery based on bandwidth, screen pixel density and browser version to deliver expertly optimized images at a smaller size with zero loss in visual fidelity. Focused on mobile platforms, Smart Imaging dramatically reduces page size and is designed to ensure fast loading, high quality experiences regardless of bandwidth.

• Obtain insights and inform recommendations from voice-based interfaces: Adobe Analytics Cloud is designed to help retailers advance voice-driven customer experiences with audience insights that inform recommendations. Analytics Cloud can automate the analysis of voice data from all major platforms so retailers can unearth actionable insights.

• Increase conversions with user-generated content (UGC): Retailers can connect products with UGC by syncing catalogs in Experience Manager Commerce with Livefyre or through a simple file upload with other e-Commerce solutions. Retailers can embed photos, videos, and comments from social channels directly into product pages to influence purchase, and place customizable call-to-action (CTA) buttons alongside product-related UGC surfaced on Livefyre Media Walls, Mosaics, and Filmstrips to drive customers into the purchase path.

• Personalize ads with more product details: Adobe Advertising Cloud offers product catalogue-driven campaign creation, management and ad personalization. Enhanced dynamic creative optimization (DCO) capabilities for retailers can incorporate catalogue data directly into ads to drive purchase intent and personalized experiences across the customer journey. By performing multivariate tests, brands can algorithmically determine the most effective creative elements and messages to serve a consumer.



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