79% Of Consumers Still Shop In-Store For Valentine’s Day

Shoppers still prefer to visit stores to buy gifts for their loved ones for Valentine’s Day. Up to 79% of consumers said they planned to do some or all of their shopping in-store this year, according to Citi Retail Services.

The survey said that 48% of consumers plan on purchasing gifts in-store, while 31% plan to purchase gifts both in-store and online. Only 21% of consumers plan on purchasing gifts exclusively online.

Nearly half of Valentine’s Day shoppers do not pre-plan the majority of their purchases, but most purchases take place between two weeks and a few days before Valentine’s Day. While consumers may not know exactly what they will buy, the vast majority give themselves time ahead of the holiday to make their choice. Purchases take place:


  • At least a month before Valentine’s Day: 16%;
  • One to two weeks before Valentine’s Day: 48%;
  • A few days before Valentine’s Day: 34%; and
  • On Valentine’s Day: 2%.

As many as 79% of shoppers do not seek help while shopping for Valentine’s Day. But 89% of shoppers who did receive gift advice found it either “very” or “extremely” valuable.

Traditional gifts such as candy and flowers are still the most popular choices on the day. This seems fitting, as 88% of shoppers plan to spend $150 or less on Valentine’s Day gifts this year. Shoppers surveyed plan on purchasing:

  • Chocolate/Candy: 49%;
  • Flowers: 31%;
  • Clothing: 23%; and
  • An experience: 20%.

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