ECommera Rebrands As OrderDynamics


ECommera announced that the company will be renamed OrderDynamics in an effort to unite its subsidiaries under a single brand identity.

ECommera initially acquired OrderDynamics in June 2013 to provide an integrated suite of cloud-based solutions to brands and retailers worldwide. Over the past 12 months, the company has grown, adding 30 new brands and retailers to its client roster. In addition, the solution provider saw revenue increase by 46% between 2013 and 2014, and received $41 million in funding from investors including Dawn Capital, West Coast Capital, Frog Capital, ePlanet Capital, WPP and WTI.

“As we went through the acquisition of OrderDynamics and built out additional software, we had operational silos in our organization,” said Kevin Sterneckert, CMO of OrderDynamics, in an interview with Retail TouchPoints. “Our brand transition is about creating a unified message to the marketplace, as well as integrating on an internal level.”


As a unified brand, OrderDynamics will offer a product suite that includes:

  • Dynamic Action, which is designed to translate enterprise Big Data into actionable insights.
  • Order Management to help retailers connectinventory and orders across all channels.
  • Commerce Platform, a cloud-based system designed to deliver consistent experiences across all channels.
  • Services to help users implement and manage the OrderDynamics platform. A global team of retail and technology advisers also will be available to advise customers on how to amplify cross-channel revenue growth.

Moving forward, OrderDynamics is increasing its investment in research and development to ensure marketing and sales messaging is aligned across the entire organization, Sterneckert explained. “What we’ve learned from our conversations with customers, analysts and the media is that the eCommera name didn’t allow us to communicate the strengths of our offerings. It was difficult to pronounce and remember.”

Sterneckert added that the company decided to rebrand as OrderDynamics because it spoke to the breadth and depth of its solutions more efficiently.

“We focused on OrderDynamics because we believe the ‘order’ is the moment of truth,” Sterneckert said. “That’s when the retailer will make or break sales and profit. Because of that we felt that we needed to communicate that messaging through our brand.”

Over the next week, OrderDynamics will transition all web assets and social content to ensure this new message is clearly communicated.

Although marketing will be undergoing a transformation as OrderDynamics completes the rebranding process, the company’s technology will remain the same, Sterneckert noted. “We’re not changing or eliminating technology, or moving to a different platform. And as far as contract terms and conditions go, no changes are required for our current customers.” 

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