Ad Optimization Platform Quartile Acquires Sidecar

Quartile, which provides advertising optimization services to ecommerce marketplace sellers, has purchased performance marketing solution provider Sidecar. Quartile expects that the acquisition will double its amount of advertising spend under management to $2 billion in 2021. Brands including Unilever, Burt’s Bees and Thrasio are among the more than 5,000 brands using the platforms across major ecommerce marketplaces.

“Retail marketers and small businesses are up against great odds when it comes to being seen in online marketplaces,” said Daniel Knijnik, Co-founder and CEO at Quartile in a statement. “Only 0.1% of products account for around 80% of the sales on ecommerce marketplaces, so brands recognize they need a holistic solution to help them compete in all marketplaces and direct-to-consumer websites.

“The two companies’ complementary businesses, products and relationships will offer unrivaled benefits for our combined customers, employees and other stakeholders across a diverse set of markets,” Knijnik added.

Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed. The combined companies will employ more than 300 people.




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