M-Commerce Expansion Creates Mobile Retail Advertising Opportunities

As consumers grow more comfortable shopping and spending on their mobile devices, the mobile retail audience continues to expand ― by an estimated 300% since 2011, according to a report, titled: Mobile Intel Series: Mobile Insights for Retail Brands, from Millennial Media and comScore. In fact, retail m-Commerce sales in the U.S. and UK are forecasted to grow 176% from $49 billion in 2013 to $135 billion in 2017, the research revealed. This unprecedented growth is creating ongoing opportunities for mobile retail advertisers to earn a greater share of the mobile retail audience spend.

The Mobile Intel Series study was designed to uncover the ways consumers use mobile devices for retail, the demographic characteristics of these consumers, and how brands and marketers can improve strategies designed to reach their target markets. The report includes results of a comScore analysis conducted Q1 2013. These findings are fused with observations from Q1 2013, covering thousands of mobile ad campaigns running on the Millennial Media mobile advertising and data platform. 

Report highlights include:


  • The top five audiences targeted by retail advertisers were: Avid Shoppers, Gadget Geeks, Parents, Household Shoppers and Health Conscious consumers;
  • Clothing and accessories were the top items purchased by both smartphone and tablet shoppers;
  • For men, the most popular in-store mobile activities were comparing product prices, scanning barcodes and researching product features;
  • Mobile female shoppers were one third more likely to engage in social behaviors such as texting a friend or family member about a product.
  • The top campaign goal for mobile retail advertisers was increasing store traffic, while the second leading goal was driving site/mobile traffic; and
  • 41% of retail campaigns included a store-locator, and the same percentage gave consumers an option to purchase an item directly through m‑Commerce. These two actions tie directly to the goals of driving store traffic and site activity;
  • Consumers spent more time on smartphones and tablets than desktops; and
  • 50% of the mobile retail audience had a household income greater than $75,000.

“While retail brands have been top spenders in mobile advertising, there are still opportunities for retail advertisers to innovate how they are using mobile to attract consumers and drive them to make purchases,” the study indicated. “Retail brands, like all brands with a mature level of mobile advertising spend, should continue to leverage mobile’s new features, such as dynamic video and voice command ads.”

The study concluded with a list of Top 10 Actions Items for mobile retail advertisers.

Click for a complete copy of Mobile Intel Series: Mobile Insights for Retail Brands.

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