Handheld POS Solution Grabs Rave Reviews At Movie Tavern Chain

Focused on providing customers with an optimal experience, Custom Business Solutions, Inc. (CBS) partnered with Texas-based Movie Tavern, and recently rolled out DT Research’s next-generation Handheld POS Terminals, the WebDT 430, in the chain’s 14 theatre-restaurant locations.

“CBS goes back many years with handheld installations and it’s exciting to see where the technology is today and what impact it can have on an operator’s success,” said Art Julian, CEO of CBS. “Today the WebDT 430 handhelds have all the capabilities of a full-size POS terminal, and then some. For a concept like Movie Tavern, handhelds are a key to the guest’s experience and they are a big factor in keeping labor costs where they should be.”


Movie Tavern operates locations in Texas, Georgia, Virginia, Ohio, Kentucky and Colorado with more than 300 wireless handheld units on the job. They went from about 125 handheld terminals to putting one in the hand of every server on every shift. Scott Nixon, IT Director for Movie Tavern, emphasized the handheld’s role in the customer experience, “As guests are seated, the server takes their drink order on the handheld and sends it to the bar,” he said. “Then, as the conversation turns to appetizer orders, a runner brings the drinks right out. It’s not unusual to see drinks arrive before the appetizer order is placed. Needless to say, it makes a great first impression on our guests.”

When the lights go down at Movie Tavern, the serving staff “goes stealth” at this movie-restaurant concept. “The goal is stay within eyesight and earshot of our guests and be able to take and deliver orders without being a distraction,” Nixon said. “It’s a delicate balance and the WebDT handhelds are key to our performance and the overall guest experience at Movie Tavern.”

The WebDT 430 is a server-based handheld, so data is transmitted to a secure server,  designed to enable PCI compliance. If a guest pays by credit or debit card, the server can swipe the card through the unit’s MSR at the table, offering added security, as guests never lose sight of their card.


Behind the scenes, the WebDT 430 handhelds play an important supporting role for Movie Tavern managers. Equipped with full POSitouch capabilities, the WebDT 430s are designed to empower managers with all the capabilities of a full terminal. “It increases their functionality and flexibility tremendously,” Nixon said. “They can be anywhere in the theater with the ability to swipe employees in, do time card adjustments, check adjustments or credits on the spot. Overall, the end result is best told in the numbers, we’ve seen a 2% drop in labor costs without negatively impacting our check averages and 100% happy guests.”

The WebDT 430 handheld, with POS features in compact form, is designed to offer Movie Tavern the ability to provide guests with efficient and secure service. Focusing on tableside payment trends, the integrated magnetic stripe reader is designed to facilitate the reading of credit cards, debit cards and gift cards at the table, allowing cards to be processed in the presence of the customer. The 2D barcode scanner option is designed to offer flexibility, taking the tool from the table to the warehouse for inventory.

In the back-office, Movie Tavern locations are equipped with NorthStar Desktop, the CBS-developed software product designed to create a customized desktop environment including task lists, reports, alerts and financial management tools.

Expectations for customer service are evolving to include efficient, personalized and secure service as consumers see more technology advancements in their every day lives, such as self-service kiosks and personalized communications. However, many businesses must cope with the same or less staff resources. The WebDT POS Handhelds integration with CBS POS software is designed to deliver a solution to meet the demands of increased guest expectations by providing a new level of personalized, secure service to guests.



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