Shelfbucks Raises $9 Million To Support In-Store Display Platform Rollout

0aashelfbucks1Shelfbucks has raised $9 million in Series B funding to roll out its MEASURE merchandising platform to drug and grocery store chains across the U.S. The platform will integrate with more than 20 CPG companies and hundreds of in-store merchandising display campaigns in 2018.

CPG companies can integrate the Shelfbucks MEASUREplatform into product displays to actively measure execution and performance of every display each day throughout the entire supply chain and life of a campaign. The secondary promotional displays are designed to generate significant incremental sales from store perimeters and aisles.

The platform’s real-time data and field alerts are designed to improve display execution and sales by 20% to 30%. Shelfbucks reports that this data also can decrease excess inventory by 20%, which improves product turn and increases sales volume.

The company did not disclose who funded the investment, but said it was led by “multiple retail industry veterans” and existing investors.

Shelfbucks also added two new members to its board of directors: Bernie Brennan, the former chairman of the National Retail Federation, and Tom Dammeyer, President of CAC LLC, a private investment company based in San Diego.

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