The Survey Says…It’s Time to Close The Gap

  • Written by  Alec Veinger, AccuStore

0Alec Veinger AccustoreIt has been said that success in retail boils down to execution. One sure way to boost operational effectiveness is by ensuring you have a complete and accurate view of assets and available inventory at the store level.

What is the cost of not knowing? Some retailers estimate that indirect spend cuts into 10% to 15% of their sales revenue. And it doesn’t take much to throw off your accuracy, either: everything from a simple spreadsheet error to new acquisitions, store closings and openings takes its toll on your data. That’s why now is the time to close the gap between what you think you know and what you absolutely need to know about your stores.

An efficient store survey can make all the difference. A survey will help you:

  • Understand store differences and competitive activity;

  • Know the exact dimensions and physical attributes of every store;

  • Assess your in-stock inventory of equipment and fixtures;

  • Eliminate wasteful spending and order duplication;

  • Achieve optimum store layout for maximum sales;

  • Maximize the use of shelf space;

  • Address compliance; and

  • Provide better support to your customers.

Your above-store teams and other departments will benefit from a thorough survey as well. You will:

  • Save time on store audits;

  • Enhance field team productivity;

  • Optimize your fixture and display content;

  • Identify your pain points and underperformers so you can solve issues faster;

  • Spot trends;

  • Know how best to refresh your stores from both a business and consumer standpoint;

  • Be able to more effectively execute your marketing strategies; and

  • Improve speed and agility with the insight needed to make your best decisions.

The process may be different from the last time you conducted one. It’s not the daunting task that it once was. Like a coordinated strike force, a professional survey team will use tablets and smartphones to gather GPS-validated survey data and photos without disturbing your busy staff. All of the information then syncs securely with a centralized online platform.  The result? You instantly gain comprehensive site profiles to improve communication, marketing implementation and ROI.

As Vice President of AccuStore, Alec Veinger leads an innovative site profile technology team that empowers retailers with the store-level intelligence necessary to make decisions and improve quality control. With an extensive background in customer service, logistics, marketing, administration and sales, Alec understands the strategic solutions needed to improved retail performance at the store level. With 16+ years of retail experience, Veinger has a rich background in account management leadership and technology. He understands both C-suite and I.T. challenges. He previously held top account roles at GSP, Verizon, DHL, Nestle and Cox Media. He worked with national brands such as Staples, Lowes, AutoNation, Sharp, Publix, Mars Foods & more. He has an MBA from Nova Southeastern University.

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