6 Ways To Elevate A Brand On Amazon

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Online marketplaces, such as Amazon, provide sellers with the opportunity to get their products in front of a huge audience and boost sales. Many sellers want to know how they can increase their sales and skip the learning curve of selling on Amazon.

There is no easy answer to this question, but it is apparent that Amazon is growing at an incredible rate, opening the door to more opportunities than ever and creating a “gold rush” movement that isn’t about to disappear.  

Following are six key strategies that can help sellers maximize the marketing services that are available on Amazon. By using these tips and techniques to lead buyers to their product listings, sellers can effectively increase their user base, leading to boosted sales and enhanced brand awareness.


Why Listing Optimization Matters For A Seller’s Amazon Account

Before sellers begin driving traffic to their Amazon page, they need to understand the complexities of their listing(s) and imagine the manner in which a customer will interact with them. It’s important to remember that a customer may be completely unfamiliar with a seller’s brand, but at the same time be willing to purchase the item if it encompasses the proper brand elements.  

Sellers should think about the last time they made a purchase on Amazon when there were multiple, oftentimes identical products in the Amazon search rules and ask themselves which elements stood out — which ones encouraged them to make the purchase.

When it comes to optimizing a listing, sellers need to pay close attention to the quality of the product photo(s) and ensure that text and imagery work together in a cohesive way that enhances brand authenticity.

The Importance Of The Storefront

For brand registered accounts on Amazon, sellers can set up their own web page within Amazon’s domain system, which combines a robust layout structure where videos, brand collateral and marketing materials can be uploaded, providing customers with a premium experience that transcends the listing itself. By inviting customers to a branded Amazon storefront, sellers can build an even stronger sense of trust and quality with their clients.

Consolidating Variations And Combining Reviews

A creative way for sellers to boost their product reviews on Amazon is by consolidating their listings and merging their ASINs into a new format using any one of Amazon’s variation structures. By consolidating their items, not only can sellers increase their review count, but they can also theoretically keep their customers on their listings for longer, as customers will be able to toggle through the numerous variation types, looking through different colors, pictures and listing copy to make their purchasing choice.

Use Real External Traffic With Blogger Services

The importance of social proof is undeniable, and it is the perfect strategy for a seller’s product launch on Amazon. Using online tools such as and Tomoson can give sellers access to thousands of bloggers within their niche, allowing them to establish a deal that directs the blogger’s audience to the Amazon listing. This type of awareness can cause a ripple effect that generates sales long after the original post has been made. This strategy offers a much more beneficial use of advertising dollars when compared to that of Instagram’s, whose surging popularity makes the task more expensive.

Always Research New Products

The best way for sellers to improve margins is to constantly be on the hunt and lookout for the latest product ideas and variations that can be used not only to supplement their brand but also the product itself.

Get A Fast Trademark For Brand Registry

Registering a brand with Amazon’s Brand Registry is the perfect way for sellers to stand out from the competition. However, brand registry isn’t as fast and simple as many would hope. In the United States, the trademark process can take up to five years to obtain. To speed up this process, sellers can register their business for a trademark in Germany, which can be used on Amazon in as little as three months.

Using all of the above strategies will allow sellers to take full advantage of what Amazon has to offer, helping them stay ahead of the pack. An Amazon business should be treated like any other, so sellers should perfect every single aspect, from marketing, to optimization, to logistics, to ensure the highest ROI for their brand. 


Vincent Vu co-founded Lab 916 in 2013 and now serves as CFO. In addition to overseeing all client accounts, Vu teaches and educates on all Amazon marketing services. He is passionate about building legacy e-Commerce brands through cutting-edge digital marketing initiatives, an ability he’s cultivated after launching five successful brands from the ground up on Amazon. Vu studied English at UC Davis before launching Lab 916 with Ary. Currently, his passion project is spearheading the development of Lab 916’s Amazon academy certifications.

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