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Luxury Brands Lose Half Of Their Top Customers Every Year

RR Epsilon ImageLuxury brands struggle to retain approximately 50% of their top shoppers every year, according to research from Epsilon and The Luxury Institute. In fact, these brands can lose up to 90% their customers in any given year.

The primary reason consumers decide to no longer shop with a luxury brand is not the product, but a rude or ineffective salesperson, according to the report. Only 10% to 15% of luxury customers state that they have a first-name relationship with a sales professional.


57% Of Online Purchases Are Returned Due To Retailer Error

returnsBy analyzing returns data, retailers can better understand consumers’ preferences and behaviors. Additionally, this data can help organizations survey their internal supply chain and warehousing proficiencies.

However, there is still plenty of work to be done as retailers strive to minimize return rates and maximize customer satisfaction, according to research from Voxware.


Delivering Better Customer Service: Putting The Person In Personalization

VP OLR Retail head shotThe proliferation of business technologies is creating greater scope than ever for automating customer service processes, but how do retailers ensure these capabilities deliver an effective, personalized experience?

It’s no secret that consumers are moving away from traditional paths of promotion to purchase, towards an unpredictable pattern of browsing and buying wherever, however and whenever they want — often referred to as a ‘Commerce Anywhere’ approach. While this presents great opportunities for retailers, the increase and variety in customer touch points creates new challenges, in terms of offering a seamless and satisfactory level of customer service.


60% Of Retailers Lack The Data To Successfully Personalize Campaigns

RR COLLOQUY image2As many as 60% of retailers admitted that they do not have reliable or sufficient data to ensure their targeting efforts are successful, according to a COLLOQUY report.

The report, titled: Ally In Aisles And Online, outlines the top challenges that retailers face in providing a seamless and secure experience to customers. These challenges include: Providing customers with relevant offers; delivering value without increasing costs; and converting sales through the checkout process.


SDL: 80% Of Retailers To Increase CX Budget In 2015

customer-experience-design s-transWith a multitude of sales channels available, customers go into the purchasing process with high expectations. Retailers are taking note of this, with more of them switching their focus to the individual consumer to drive revenues and attract more buyers.

More than 80% of retailers report increasing their customer experience (CX) management spending for 2015, according to a report from SDL. In fact, one out of every three retailers is planning an increase of more than 10% from their current levels. Perhaps more notable was that none of the companies planned to decrease CX budgets in 2015.


86% Of Marketers Believe Omnichannel Has Raised Shopper Expectations

RR SAP 021715 Image2As many as 86% of marketing decision-makers agree that omnichannel has increased consumer expectations, according to a survey from SAP. Additionally, 86% agree that the benefits of investing in an omnichannel approach clearly outweigh the challenges.

In partnership with SAP, London-based research agency Loudhouse interviewed 839 decision-makers across the U.S., UK, Brazil, Germany, Netherlands and Greater China to gather data for the report.


What Can Stale Brands Do To See The Light Of 2020?

Debbie head shotHere are just a few brand names the next generation of shoppers will probably not be exposed to: RadioShack, Delia's, Wet Seal, Office Depot, Caché and SkyMall.

While it seems sad to say good-bye to brands some of us "grew up" with, it's a sign of the times and I think it will be important to find the silver lining in this dark cloud of bankruptcies, store closings and acquisitions.


The 'Switching Economy' Leaves $1.6 Trillion Up For Grabs

Shoppers today have access to more product and brand options due to their day-to-day use of digital tools and touch points. As a result, these savvy consumers are more prone to switching businesses if they do not receive the best possible experience, according to Accenture research.

In fact, 56% of consumers reported that the number of brands they consider has increased significantly over the past 10 years. And up to 46% of consumers said they are more likely to switch providers versus 10 years ago.


Café Britt Increases Email Open Rates By 18% With AgilOne

Retailers are implementing more personalized messages, offers and campaigns to engage with consumers and drive ongoing revenue.

Café Britt, a gourmet coffee and chocolate retailer, selected predictive marketing provider AgilOne to craft customized campaigns such as abandoned browse reminders, smart product recommendations and reactivation offers.


Niemann Foods Engages In-Store Shoppers With Personalized App Experiences

Niemann Foods, a grocer operating under the County Market brand, has implemented the Shopper Engagement platform from locations analytics provider Birdzi. Currently deployed in eight County Market stores, the platform is integrated into the grocer’s mobile app and paired with iBeacon technology placed throughout the store to provide shoppers with personalized services and offers. Niemann Foods plans to roll out the solution to all 45 of its locations in Iowa, Illinois and Missouri by Q2 2015.

Since implementing Birdzi, Niemann Foods has reported several thousand downloads of the County Market mobile app, which is available for iOS and Android devices. Recent data from Niemann shows “higher-than-industry-average” mobile app retention rates and in-store shopper engagement, according to a company statement.


Target Appoints New CIO To Lead Digital Transformation

Target has appointed Tesco alum Mike McNamara as its new Executive Vice President (EVP) and Chief Information Officer (CIO). McNamara will replace Bob DeRodes, who is retiring after guiding Target’s information security efforts. He will report directly to CEO and Chairman Brian Cornell. 

In his new position, McNamara will help Target advance its digital transformation and reaffirm its position as an omnichannel retailer. He will oversee the retailer’s technology team and operations, and will help shape overall enterprise strategy with the Target leadership team.


74% Of Online Retailers Send Irrelevant Promotions

RR OrderDynamics ImageDespite a myriad of research studies pointing to the importance of personalization, the majority (74%) of online retailers still promote irrelevant items to shoppers via email, according to OrderDynamics research. Some retailers (33%) don’t even sufficiently follow up with consumers after they sign up for the brand mailing list.

The report, titled: Customer Relationships: The Dating Game, compares retailing to dating, in that businesses have to convince consumers to “go out” with them to start and continue a business relationship. The study specifically measures the effectiveness of a “first date,” or purchase, as well as the long-term relationships that can lead to additional purchases and increased order values. Opinion Matters conducted the study on behalf of OrderDynamics by surveying more than 60 retailers and 2,000 consumers.


Office Depot Enhances Online Shopping Experience With CoreMedia

Office Depot, Inc., the office product retailer that includes Office Depot and OfficeMax brands, has selected CoreMedia LiveContext to streamline author collaboration and reduce time-to-market on integrated campaigns for

Using CoreMedia LiveContext, e-Commerce and marketing professionals can amplify their e-Commerce product catalogs with marketing content to create a more compelling online shopping experience.


NRF Research: Shoppers Will Spend More On Their Valentines This Year

Love is in the air as consumers prepare to hit the stores and purchase gifts for their Valentines. In fact, the average person celebrating Valentine's Day will spend $142.31, up from $133.91, according to the National Retail Federation's (NRF) Valentine's Day Consumer Spending Survey. The survey, conducted by Prosper Insights and Analytics, concluded that total spending will reach $18.9 billion, an all-time high reported in this annual survey.

The vast majority of consumers (91%) plan to spend an average of $87.94 on their significant others, up from $78.09 in 2014. Additionally, 59% will spend an average of $26.26 on family members and $6.30 on children’s classmates/teachers.

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