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'Tis The Season To Tailor Marketing Campaigns To Mobile-Empowered Shoppers

Ramsey Masri OtherLevelsHoliday shoppers are frequently creatures of habit, but as retailers and marketers know, shoppers' habits are changing.

This holiday season, retail marketers are faced with the challenging task of building bridges between customers' traditional holiday expectations (sales, discounts, holiday promotions) and the new realities of the mobile marketplace (smartphone browsing, easy-to-use shopping apps, mobile rewards programs, online offers, tantalizing text messages and more).


Brick-And-Mortar Retailers Should Add Unique Experiences To Shopping Trips

Glenn head shotWhile “omnichannel” has continued be a major buzzword permeating retailers' strategies as they strive to reach the consumer through every channel, there appears to be a new focus for forward-thinking merchants: the experience.

This “experiential” form of commerce focuses less on the actual products sold; instead it is designed to bring consumers into the retail store while also letting them know that they’re not just entering a "store". While these new store environments are positioned to help retailers stand out from their competition, they also differentiate the store from the online site.


RevTrax Solution Can Move Consumers From Sampling To Purchase

AS RevTrax imageTo reel more consumers into a purchase, retailers and manufacturers sometimes offer sample products in a store environment. By gauging the popularity of this sampling, companies can estimate how much of the product they should sell in the store.

RevTrax has launched Sampling Insights, a digital engagement solution designed to turn anonymous product samplers into known long-term consumers. Sampling Insights connects consumer behavior to in-store sampling events by integrating a personalized coupon that features a unique barcode into the event.


Levi’s And Goodwill Launch Free Clothing Donation Program

1levisgoodwillLevi Strauss & Co. (LS&Co.) and Goodwill have created a program in which customers can donate used clothing and shoes, by using free shipping labels available on the U.S. e-Commerce sites for the Levi’s and Dockers brands.

During the holiday season, LS&Co. will contribute $5 to Goodwill for every box of donated clothing shipped, donating up to $50,000 in total (with a guaranteed minimum of $25,000). On Giving Tuesday (Dec. 1, 2015), LS&Co. will double its contribution to $10 for every free shipping label printed and shipped. Donations will be sent to the nearest participating Goodwill location.


Target, REI, H&M Take On The Holidays In Unique Fashion

Will the recent terror attacks in Paris have a dampening effect on holiday sales? What other factors will impact holiday shopping in 2015? Retail TouchPoints has been following all the news and predictions around what to expect this year, and in this article you'll find a comprehensive collection of predictions, implementations and strategies.

Most forecasters continue to predict that the 2015 season will be a robust one for retailers. Lower gas prices are putting more dollars in consumers' pockets, and rising confidence is making shoppers more willing to take that money out of those same pockets.


Target Leverages Mobile And Social Tools To Personalize Holiday Shopping

Target is engaging in a full court press to make "click and mortar" a reality for the 2015 holiday season. Initiatives include:

• Free shipping and returns through Dec. 25;

• New this season: International shopping and shipping to more than 200 countries and territories;

• Expansion of its Curbside pickup service to 121 stores (up from 21), which allows customers to complete their shopping without leaving their cars, at Target stores in Philadelphia, San Francisco, New York-New Jersey and Chicago;

• Expansion of the Instacart on-demand grocery delivery service to an additional territory in San Francisco. The service was piloted and initially offered in Minneapolis.


Thanksgiving Weekend Sales Starting Even Before The Turkey Thaws

While retailers hype up sales for Black Friday and even Thanksgiving Day, one retail deal site suggests the holiday shopping season actually begins even earlier — on the day before Thanksgiving., a web site dedicated to aggregating cheap deals throughout the entire retail industry, indicated that Wednesday, Nov. 25, would be the best day to shop during Thanksgiving weekend.


Urban Decay Launches ‘UD All Access’ Content Hub

In 2015, retailers often have to catch the consumer's eye by providing experiences that go beyond simply offering product. While the visual nature of beauty retailing gives these merchants a head start on that, these merchants still must provide engaging experiences designed to drive the consumer back to the store.

Luxury cosmetics brand Urban Decay has launched a new content-driven web site — “UD All Access” — designed to give consumers an interactive online experience that complements its traditional e-Commerce site. Browsers can access the content hub at the top of the e-Commerce site’s front page.


UK Home Improvement Retailer Upgrades Omnichannel Customer Experience

Wickes StoreWickes, a 256-store UK home improvement retailer, will upgrade both in-store and omnichannel customer interactions with a chainwide implementation of the OneView Commerce platform to take place during the first half of 2016.

The retailer, part of the Travis Perkins Group, is the first of its 19 brands to deploy the OneView Digital Store Platform, and is doing so with a full in-store POS and cross-channel implementation.


Does Facial Recognition Technology Cross A Line?

blairEven if people don't like to think too much about it, there's little doubt that we currently live in a surveillance society. From red-light cameras to NSA data-gathering to the breadcrumbs we ourselves leave all over social networks, the presumption of "privacy" as a default mode for living is slipping into the past.

In part because the right to quietly move about unrecognized is becoming rarer, the instances when a significant line has been crossed become that much more important. Facial recognition technology, which uses sophisticated video analytics to identify individuals within public places — such as retail stores — is controversial to say the least.


68% of Retailers Not Well Prepared To Provide Multiple Holiday Shipping Options

AR Temando ImageAs many as 68% of retailers say they are not well prepared to provide multiple shipping options that will meet customer expectations this holiday season, according to a survey from Temando.

On the whole, smaller retailers reported being less prepared to provide multiple shipping options than their larger counterparts. Only 24% of micro-level retailers (those shipping fewer than 20 deliveries per week) are prepared to meet these expectations, while 29% of small retailers (shipping 21 to 100 deliveries per week) are prepared for the season. Mid-sized (36%) and Enterprise (50%) retailers are better prepared, likely due to the greater number and variety of consumers they ship to, which makes multiple shipping options a business requirement.


Backcountry's Gearheads Leverage Expertise And Enthusiasm To Build Customer Relationships

People who are passionate about their outdoor activities, whether they are skiers, cyclists, mountain climbers or off-roaders, like to trade stories with other aficionados. And when these enthusiasts are shopping for apparel and equipment, they seek out particular brands, but also advice from people they can trust — people who not only know the products inside and out, but also how the gear will fit into the customer's particular needs and style.

Pure-play outdoor retailer Backcountry has built its contact centers based on these facts, staffing them with enthusiastic outdoor adventurers called "Gearheads." The retailer arms these employees with both technology and extensive, ongoing training.


57% Of Holiday Shoppers Are Already Buying In Early November

1holidaynrfMore than half (56.6%) of consumers celebrating the holidays already have started shopping by early November, up from 54.4% last year, according to research from the National Retail Federation (NRF).

The NRF Consumer Holiday Spending Survey indicated that this year's total represents a 16% increase over 2008, when less than half (49%) had begun shopping this early in the season. This year's percentage is the highest recorded since NRF began tracking this data.


Select Best Buy Locations Unveil ROBO 3D Printing Kiosks

Best Buy has introduced the ROBO 3D printing endcap display in select locations. ROBO 3D partnered with kiosk manufacturer Frank Mayer and Associates to design the endcap display.

The display showcases the personal 3D printer as well as several examples of 3D printed objects, and provides education about the 3D printing process via interactive video. The printer and related filament products are included below the display, available for purchase.


Pier 1 Imports Adopts Certona For Omnichannel Personalization

Pier 1 Imports, a furniture and décor retailer, has partnered with predictive personalization platform provider Certona to deliver a tailored omnichannel experience to its customers. The partnership will support the retailer’s development of its ‘1 Pier 1’ corporate initiative, which is designed to create one cohesive experience in its brick-and-mortar and e-Commerce channels.

By leveraging the Certona platform, Pier 1 Imports can deliver curated, personalized product recommendations to its customers via the online store, mobile and email.

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