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Finish Line Blends Online And Offline Data To Personalize Emails

Leveraging data from customers' in-store and online activities to create more personalized email communications, Finish Line has expanded its customer base while simultaneously boosting open rates by more than 15%. "We're using as much data as we can to send emails that are as personalized and to the point as we can," said Scott Posilkin, CRM and Retention Digital Email Strategist for the sports and activewear apparel and footwear retailer. The result is that Finish Line is reaching more customers in segments the company is targeting, without suffering reductions in either click-through rates or open rates.

Turkish Retailer Expands Omnichannel Capabilities

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Turkish apparel retailer DeFacto has built a significant physical footprint, with 357 stores in Turkey along with 60 locations in 12 other countries across the EMEA region. Now the brand is stepping up its omnichannel capabilities with the deployment of an order management system from OrderDynamics. DeFacto already is a de…

Cabela’s Seeks Video Feedback To Capture Range Of Customers' Emotions

Cabela’s has partnered with shopper experience optimization solutions provider InMoment to transform the outdoor brand’s customer engagement strategy. By deploying the InMoment platform within all its stores in July 2016, Cabela’s aims to: Integrate video feedback as an extension of its in-store experience; Gather more instructive feedback from traditional channels, such as online reviews and surveys; Address and close the loop on immediate consumer concerns in real time; Provide individual and team coaching to store associates; and Understand emerging and historical trends. While the retailer had always sought to gather information about each consumer’s experience prior to the partnership with InMoment, its online and phone surveys were limited in the emotions they could capture without guidance, according to Nathan Borowski, Communications Specialist at Cabela’s. With the video feedback option, the retailer can bring an added element of human interaction that it previously had not been able to harness.

Fostering Loyalty In The Digital Age

“Anyone can sell their product by dropping prices, but that does not breed loyalty.” ― Simon Senik Loyalty. Oxford Dictionaries defines it as “a strong feeling of support or allegiance.” Companies increasingly place a premium on fostering it. Forrester Research says improving customer loyalty is likely to be a top marketing priority for 80% of decision-makers at large organizations this year; and a CMO study highlights that 61% of CMOs believe loyalty program participants represent their best and most profitable customers, thrusting customer loyalty programs into the spotlight.1 Unfortunately, the most recent loyalty census by Colloquy underscores the fact that today’s programs are ubiquitous but largely ineffective, with Americans belonging to approximately 29 loyalty programs per household but participating actively in just 12. The drop-off rate has risen steadily every year since 2012 and a whopping 67% of consumers say they don’t feel they are getting adequate value from sharing their personal information with organizations.2

Tackling Conversion Issues Across Digital And Physical Store Experiences

Retail TouchPoints sat down with the founder and CEO of Radius8 for a Q&A focused on helping retailers capitalize on growing digital traffic and converting that to foot traffic and sales in their brick-and-mortar stores. Retail TouchPoints (RTP): One of the top problems we’re hearing from retailers is declining store traffic, especially in malls. Conversely, digital traffic is exploding. How can retailers address this issue? Hires Walmart Exec For Demand Fulfillment Role

Vidya Jwala, most recently VP of Merchandising and Operations at Walmart, has been named Senior Vice President of Demand Fulfillment for He will be responsible for overseeing sourcing, merchandising, supply chain and customer care businesses for the e-Commerce retailer. Prior to his stint at Walmart, Jwala held leadership positions at the Tractor Supply Company, Lowe's Companies and Jo-Ann Stores.

72% Of Shoppers Prefer Social Ads From SMBs During Holiday Season

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The holiday season is an excellent time for local retailers to optimize their social media strategy: 72% of shoppers say they prefer to see local businesses’ ads on social media during the holidays, rather than campaigns from national retailers. Some ways local businesses can provide inspiration during the season via social media include: Facebook and Pinterest have influenced 69% of shoppers for shopping ideas and inspiration; 70% of respondents say they are likely to click on a Facebook ad that relates to their area; 73% are most likely to engage with images of products they’re interested in than any other piece of content on Facebook; and 25% are more likely to recognize a business in their area if they see it promoted on Twitter.

Pirch Enhances Showroom Experience With Multi-Function Tablets

Luxury home appliance retailer Pirch has taken customer engagement to a new level by integrating Microsoft Surface Pro 4 tablets into the store’s shopper-associate interactions. Pirch has fully deployed the Surface tablets at three of its nine retail locations, but the retailer is currently working with Microsoft on a plan to implement them in all stores “in the near future.” The Pirch team also is currently evaluating the possible implementation of Surface tablets within its distribution centers, which handle Pirch Professional Installation services.

Will Best Buy's Services Make It The IoT Leader?

Best Buy is one of several retailers selling Internet of Things (IoT) and connected home devices within stores, but unlike its competitors, the brand has been able to leverage its Geek Squad support service to help give its in-store environment a much-needed shot in the arm. Many industry experts believe Best Buy's service offerings will be a key differentiator as the retailer moves into somewhat uncharted territory. In a recent earnings call, Best Buy CEO Hubert Joly noted that the company has heavily turned to experimentation mode this year, “testing Geek Squad on-demand services, including same day for customers who need immediate technology help or advice.”

Consumers Rely On Online Reviews, But Don't Completely Trust Them

While the majority of consumers believe online reviews help them along their shopping journey (88%), only a fraction of these customers (18%) actually trust that all the information contained within the reviews is valid, according to Trustpilot. This significant gap reveals that it is critical for businesses to not only incorporate online reviews into the shopping experience, but to deploy them in a way that will build trust and transparency with the consumer.

#RSP16 Webinar Series Delivers Strategy And Planning Insights

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The #RSP16 Retail Strategy & Planning webinar series offers a concentrated burst of information, insights and best practices for retail decision-makers. Over four days, from Sept. 19-22, Retail TouchPoints will present seven webinars on some of the industry's hottest topics, including: • Using location data to boost business results; • Harnessing distributed analytics to drive revenue, CX and supply chain excellence; • Building an "advocate army"; and • Safeguarding your e-Commerce business from the ravages of data-scraping "bots".

6 Ways To Develop A Successful, Albeit Small, E-Commerce Team

In this exclusive article, Gabrielle Gallo, Head of E-Commerce for The Sak Brand Group, provides six tips for developing a productive and successful small business team.  It’s a common business complaint — “We don’t have enough resources.” If you’re like many e-Commerce managers, you may be faced with a small team or a tight budget. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t accomplish your goals.

Predictive Analytics: Looking For The Next Big Thing

Consumer trends change quickly and often unexpectedly, and consumer-facing companies struggle to keep up and change strategies to take advantage of what's trending. Gap saw sales of denim falling, and is making a big bet on its new Athleta brand. Whole Foods is embracing a new format in response to a demand for more affordable quality. Every major consumer company in the world has a staff that reports on the latest trends to see what the "next big thing" may be.  But companies that create strategies in response to today’s hot trends may already be behind the curve the minute those strategies are executed. Some trends are destined to be short-lived, some become table stakes and don’t give any competitive advantage by the time products hit the market. A better strategy is to apply foresight analytics to predict what trends will be important to your products and consumers in the future — and even predict big future trends well before they emerge in the “top 10”. This predictive approach, which combines mathematical rigor to business strategy, goes deeper than simply analyzing current trends on Twitter, or looking at past performance to predict the future.
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