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3 Ways To Achieve 1-To-1 Customer Engagement Through Product Promotion

VP site only Unata headshotReady to improve your customer experience? It’s a surefire way to make your customers happy and help you sell more. Luckily, we’re going to show you three incredibly simple ways to achieve 1-to-1 customer engagement through product promotion. All of these use cases can be personalized to individual customers in a way that increases your customers’ satisfaction and their cart size.


RetailMeNot Partners With Gimbal To Extend Beacon Offering

Retailers across categories are testing and implementing beacon technology to connect their digital and in-store shopping experiences. Consumers who opt in to receive beacon alerts can receive timely deals, offers and coupons that align with their personal preferences, which can lead to increased engagement and sales.

Digital couponing marketplace RetailMeNot is breaking further into the beacon space by extending its partnership with proximity marketing platform provider Gimbal. With the partnership, RetailMeNot is striving to scale its location-based beacon tests, which were previously executed with retailers, shopping malls and out-of-home advertising networks.


Keeping Up With The Times: Five Steps To A Personalized Retail Experience

VP site only Cayan head shotAs the lines between our virtual and physical worlds continue to blur, the brick-and-mortar retail experience is changing. And there’s a common trend among those retailers leading the way: A movement toward greater personalization.

But while in-store technology like beacons and interactive product displays is becoming more commonplace, large-scale adoption remains a work in progress, creating a less-than-ideal customer experience. A recent report from Google found that 79% of shoppers seek information essential to their purchasing decisions while in a retail store, but only two out of every three actually find the answers they need.


#RIC15 Brings Innovation And Disruption To The Forefront

supp RTP RT058 SR RIA Recap June 2015We’re in the midst of a retail revolution. Shoppers today have access to a wealth of tools and information that empower them to make the best buying decisions. As a result, retailers are focused on creating experiences that educate and engage consumers, and also help them differentiate from competitors. 

More than 120 retail executives converged to discuss the latest trends and technologies disrupting the overall industry during Retail TouchPoints’ inaugural Retail Innovation Conference (#RIC15), which was held June 16-17, 2015 in New York City.


Spotlighting The Purchasing Habits Of Dads And Grads

RR Purch ImageWith Father’s Day behind us and graduations now occurring throughout the U.S., June certainly is a key month for shoppers to spend on their dads and grads. Believe it or not, these two demographics have very similar tendencies when it comes to their shopping behaviors and preferences.

Both dads and grads are difficult to shop for, as neither demographic likes to ask for help. Only 13% of dads and 22% of students aged 18 to 24 say they ask for advice on what to buy, according to digital content provider Purch.


Accenture and Fast Retailing Join Forces to Develop Digitally Enabled Consumer Services

fastaccentureFast Retailing, the parent company of UNIQLO, and management consulting provider Accenture have formed a joint initiative to accelerate the digital innovation of consumer services for Fast Retailing’s customers globally. The two companies have agreed to explore ways to expand their collaboration, which may be formalized in a joint venture, to deliver personalized customer experiences across all of Fast Retailing’s retail channels.

As part of the initiative, Accenture will help Fast Retailing build a cloud-based technology platform, which will include supply chain and customer relationship management systems, to collect actionable customer insights. Accenture Digital will provide digital commerce, mobility and analytics capabilities designed to help transform the customer experience.


A Retailer’s Guide To Customer Surveys

VP Chip Bell head shotThe famous comedian Gallagher entertains audiences with what he calls seeing things through “new eyes.” He proudly claims he got the concept from all the “bring you to your knees” questions asked by his young daughter. “Daddy,” she might ask, “Why do we drive on a parkway and park on a driveway?” or “Why is the Department of Interior in charge of everything outdoors?” As she got a bit older, he reported, she asked: “How come it’s a pair of pants but only one bra?”

Customer surveys are potent tools for gathering customer intelligence. However, surveys are fraught with more inaccurate fiction and erroneous folklore than all other customer intelligence methods. Breaking free of these mythical restrictions can come through “new eyes” questions. These “out of left field” questions can yield valuable insights for elevating the pursuit of what your customers really think.


85% Of Consumers Prefer To Shop In Physical Stores

RR TimeTrade ImageDespite the rise of e-Commerce, brick-and-mortar stores are as relevant as ever. In fact, disposable income spent by U.S. consumers in stores will reach $5 trillion by 2020, according to eMarketer. In fact, 85% of consumers say they prefer to shop in physical stores, according to TimeTrade research. And, if given the opportunity, 71% of consumers said they would even prefer to shop at an Amazon store over

For the survey, titled: The 2015 TimeTrade State of Retail Report, TimeTrade surveyed 1,000 consumers to understand their shopping behaviors and preferences.


Le Tote Augments The Digital Stylist Experience With Innovative Customer Service Strategies

Ambassador JerichoLe Tote was created to make shopping easier. After all, the brand’s female audience has a big problem: They want to stay in touch with the latest trends, but don’t always want to overhaul their closets.

“Our goal is to provide a personalized rental experience where women can access really great brands,” noted Lauren Miller, VP of Marketing at Le Tote. Featuring thousands of brands and 80,000 different SKUs, Le Tote delivers personalized “totes” to consumers’ doorsteps based on their unique tastes and preferences.


Certona Unveils Product Finder At #IRCE15

CertonaCertona, a provider of omnichannel personalization solutions, launched Product Finder during the 2015 Internet Retailer Conference and Exhibition (IRCE) in Chicago. The tool, which is available through the Certona Predictive Cloud, is designed to replicate consumers’ interactions with in-store associates, helping them discover new products that align with their interests, activities and lifestyles.

Product Finder allows retailers to create functional, lifestyle and contextual questions, which shoppers can answer by clicking on images, buttons, icons or text responses. Certona’s automated profiling engine then collects the answers to generate contextually relevant suggestions. Because the solution is built on the Certona Predictive Cloud, retailers can combine behavioral modeling and personalized search capabilities to predict the products, content and offers that will best resonate with consumers. A data-driven solution, Product Finder displays fresh results for consumers as new products are added to the site’s catalog, freeing merchandisers from manually analyzing and matching answers to products.


Integrating Touch Points Still A Struggle For Most Marketers

RR ResponseTap ImageOver the past four years, there has been little to no discernable change in marketers’ overall ability to integrate customer touch points. In both 2011 and 2014, 38% of marketers said that although they understood the customer journey, they had very little management and integration across all touch points, according to a report from ResponseTap.

The report, titled: Understanding The Customer Journey, was developed to help marketers explore the omnichannel customer journey and understand its numerous definitions. For the online survey, Econsultancy collected insights from approximately 2,000 client-side marketers, e-Commerce professionals and supply-side agencies.


Four Ways To Turn Every Customer Into A Brand Advocate

VP Stitch Labs head shotAs more small businesses enter such a saturated market, it becomes more and more of a challenge to stand out. Customers become inundated with options and can rarely tell what companies will provide the best bang for their buck. To compete, retailers must realize one thing: It’s all about the experience.

Brands that create a holistic, memorable and exceptional experience for customers know how valuable brand loyalty is. It encourages buyers to evangelize your product, allowing you to keep marketing dollars in your pocket.


Make Love Not War: Turning Angry Customers Into Your Biggest Asset

VP site only Vision Critical head shotIt’s tough times at the home of the Big Mac. Last year was one of McDonald’s worst, and profits continued to plunge in the first quarter of 2015. The announcement in late January that the fast-food giant was swapping CEOs, replacing Don Thompson with Steve Easterbrook, signaled more than a standard C-suite shakeup amid slumping performance: customers have abandoned the fast food chain following food safety scandals in Asia and increased competition from more wholesome “fast casual” restaurants. The switch illustrates a shift in how companies are responding to the demands of customers — especially the angry ones.

Just days after new Easterbrook took the helm, the company announced it would make major changes to bring its supply chain in line with customer preferences for more natural, less processed foods. The move is a total reversal from Thompson’s strategy, which focused instead on a marketing campaign to fight misinformation about the nutritional value McDonald’s ingredients. Easterbrook’s decision to make real changes to the supply chain indicates a desire to truly meet customer demands, rather than merely change their minds.


Will Same-Day Delivery Thrive?

With major retail players, such as Amazon and Google, throwing their hats into the same-day delivery fray, it is clear that the industry senses the fulfillment model has a future among consumers. However, thought leaders debate if the model will truly change the delivery game.

Online shoppers in both the U.S. and Canada are willing to sacrifice delivery speed for a lower shipping cost, according to a recent survey conducted by Purolator International. As many as 63% of U.S. shoppers and 76% of Canadian shoppers also rank shipping cost as a very important priority that affects their online purchasing habits. Conversely, only 28% of U.S. shoppers and 22% of Canadians rank delivery speed as a very important part of their decision, although 46% of U.S. shoppers and 51% of Canadian shoppers value delivery speed as “somewhat important.”

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