Fovo Personalizes Shopping Experiences For Women Based On Shape, Not Size

Perhaps the biggest predicament when shopping online for apparel is buying the right size that fits. Regardless of the size advertised, there is still no guarantee that the item will actually fit once it is tried on.

In seeing this common problem too often, fashion designer Kiana Anvaripour started her own company dedicated to solving this fitting issue. In April 2016, Anvaripour launched Fovo, an e-Commerce platform designed to curate fashion items for women shoppers based on their body shape rather than traditional sizing.


Assessing The Successes And #Fails Of Amazon Prime Day 2016

After much buzz, Amazon’s second annual Prime Day has come and gone; and while shoppers eagerly await their purchase arrivals, the company may be popping champagne bottles. Whether or not retailers decided to try to beat or join Amazon on Prime Day, there is still plenty to learn from the company’s successful sale (as well as where Amazon missed the mark), including:

  • If you’re not a third-party seller, you may be missing out, especially if your inventory consists of electronics or toys;
  • Having technical issues during a big sale? Handle it as swiftly as possible because the wrath of Twitter awaits; and
  • Take advantage of mobile apps, so consumers don’t have an excuse to miss a big sale.

Ace Hardware Celebrates A Decade Of High Customer Satisfaction

1-Ace HardwareFor the 10th consecutive year, Ace Hardware ranked “Highest in Customer Satisfaction among Home Improvement Retail Stores,” according to the J.D. Power 2016 U.S. Home Improvement Retailer Store Satisfaction Study. 

The J.D. Power study is based on responses from nearly 2,995 consumers who purchased home improvement products or services in the previous 12 months. Ace Hardware ranked highest among major retailers, with an overall satisfaction index score of 810 on a 1,000-point scale.

The score is based on performance in five areas: merchandise, price, sales and promotions, staff and service, and store facility.


Fender Uses Visual Tools To Facilitate Custom-Designed Guitar Sales

Unless you happen to be a guitar-smashing heavy metal rock star, it's unlikely you'll be buying multiple guitars from 70-year-old instrument maker Fender. So the company has a strong incentive to ensure that customers love the purchases they make, and also that they get exactly the guitar that they want — down to the tiniest detail.

This is a particular challenge in serving the shoppers who choose to customize their Fender guitars. With options ranging from the materials used to make various parts of the instrument to color choices for the body, fingerboard and pickguard, the number of possible combinations quickly mushrooms. (For the iconic Fender Stratocaster alone there are more than 50,000.)


The Future Of Retail Marketing Means Escaping The Pull Of The Past

0Panayiotis Vitakis PersadoIt should come as no surprise that the past few years have taken a toll on the retail sector. From the smallest stores to the nation's giant chains, the outlook for 2016 has been grim, with sales numbers declining and in-store traffic reaching record lows.

Marketers are increasingly turning to new technologies to get a better understanding of their customers. But in many cases, they are not adapting new technologies nearly fast enough to keep pace with their customers. There continues to be significant and ultimately costly inertia among retail organizations when it comes to embracing innovation, from automating inefficient manual processes to piloting “but it seems so out there!” technologies. Even with sales figures (and jobs) on the line, few brands are willing to risk what they consider to be bleeding-edge solutions. But they need to.


Three Questions To Answer When Balancing Personalization With Data Security

0btmWould you trade your personal data for a more customized retail shopping experience? More and more consumers are saying yes. In a study this year by and the research firm Bovitz, more than 70% of Millennials are somewhat or very interested in personalized offers and willing to trade information about themselves to get them.

This is good news for retailers that want a better understanding of their customer base in order to shape a personalized shopping experience. Yet consumers’ willingness to give you details of their data — beyond basic contact information — goes hand-in-hand with the expectation that you’ll do everything in your power to safeguard it.


Ponomusic Boosts Album Sales Up To 20% With Personalized Recommendations

Personalization is an especially important driving force in the competitive music industry, where consumers have a wide range of music streaming and purchasing services to choose from. That’s why Ponomusic, a music download service and dedicated music player founded by Neil Young, turned to Datameer, a big data analytics platform, to ramp up its web site with highly personalized recommendations. The results were immediate and dramatic, and included:


PureFormulas Bulks Up AOV 25% With Personalized Engagement

PureFormulas makes every effort to match the right health and supplements products with every customer. "In the supplement world you don't like a product based on looks, and it's important to get the one that is right for you," said Lars Furtwaengler, VP of Ecommerce and Merchandising for the online retailer.

At PureFormulas, personalization efforts go beyond matching people and products. The brand uses a range of techniques from the moment a customer lands on its site through checkout and beyond. The retailer manages products and promotional offers that it presents based on broad categories like gender and age as well as specific actions taken by users, including their browsing and purchase behaviors.


Personalization Platform VMob Secures $2.3 Million In Funding

1-VmobVMob, a cloud-based personalization platform designed for retailers and QSRs, has received $2.3 million in funding from Vix Investments Limited. The company will use this investment to fuel product development, including its real-time contextual analytics platform, and market expansion.

"We are delighted to welcome Vix as an experienced investor very familiar with our space," said Scott Bradley, founder and CEO of VMob. "Vix understands what it takes to scale out a technology business globally, and the investment is a vote of confidence in VMob's market proposition, execution plan and team.”

VMob develops mobile personalized marketing solutions that leverage consumer data, in-store activities and customized offers to engage customers and influence buying decisions.


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