Ponomusic Boosts Album Sales Up To 20% With Personalized Recommendations

Personalization is an especially important driving force in the competitive music industry, where consumers have a wide range of music streaming and purchasing services to choose from. That’s why Ponomusic, a music download service and dedicated music player founded by Neil Young, turned to Datameer, a big data analytics platform, to ramp up its web site with highly personalized recommendations. The results were immediate and dramatic, and included:


PureFormulas Bulks Up AOV 25% With Personalized Engagement

PureFormulas makes every effort to match the right health and supplements products with every customer. "In the supplement world you don't like a product based on looks, and it's important to get the one that is right for you," said Lars Furtwaengler, VP of Ecommerce and Merchandising for the online retailer.

At PureFormulas, personalization efforts go beyond matching people and products. The brand uses a range of techniques from the moment a customer lands on its site through checkout and beyond. The retailer manages products and promotional offers that it presents based on broad categories like gender and age as well as specific actions taken by users, including their browsing and purchase behaviors.


Personalization Platform VMob Secures $2.3 Million In Funding

1-VmobVMob, a cloud-based personalization platform designed for retailers and QSRs, has received $2.3 million in funding from Vix Investments Limited. The company will use this investment to fuel product development, including its real-time contextual analytics platform, and market expansion.

"We are delighted to welcome Vix as an experienced investor very familiar with our space," said Scott Bradley, founder and CEO of VMob. "Vix understands what it takes to scale out a technology business globally, and the investment is a vote of confidence in VMob's market proposition, execution plan and team.”

VMob develops mobile personalized marketing solutions that leverage consumer data, in-store activities and customized offers to engage customers and influence buying decisions.



Ron Jon Surf Shop Integrates Content, Order Management To Power New E-Commerce Site

1ronjonRon Jon Surf Shop has selected two cloud solutions from Aptos — Aptos Digital Commerce and Aptos Enterprise Order Management — to help revamp its e-Commerce business and improve its online personalization experience.

As part of a 180-day implementation, Aptos will fully design a new e-Commerce site with responsive design capabilities, to support optimal viewing and navigation across a wide range of devices.


INDOCHINO Boosts Revenue And Conversion With Geo-Targeting

1indochinoMen’s fashion retailer INDOCHINO has deployed a geo-targeting solution designed to increase traffic to its eight showrooms, boosting revenue per customer and conversions in the process. INDOCHINO leveraged Qubit’s Visitor Cloud Platform, a data-first, digital experience hub, to help it connect with customers through both online and in-store experiences, using analytics, A/B testing, segmentation and web personalization.


Under Armour Leverages 170 Million Users' Data To Power Mobile Shopping App

Under Armour has launched its UA Shop mobile app as part of its Connected Fitness health and fitness network. The custom shopping app integrates data from the brand's 170 million+ existing users to create a personalized experience based on athlete inspiration, workout history and previous purchase history.

UA Shop will connect consumers to gear through in-app recommendations. For example, a consumer living in a warm climate who has logged several runs through the MapMyRun app might be exposed to UA CoolSwitch apparel and running footwear. A customer in the Northeast who prefers hiking, in contrast, might get a recommendation for baselayer and outerwear.


The Naked Truth: Retailers Have No Idea Which Recommendation Approach Will Work

1dynamicyieldOnline product recommendation has been around for several years, and nearly every retailer is employing some kind of recommendation strategy on their site. After all, the product shown is one of the most powerful factors influencing a purchase decision.

There are many types of recommendation algorithms available, including those based on popularity, situational context, and behavior. While retailers absolutely should be using recommendation strategies on their sites, they cannot simply pick a single recommendation strategy themselves. Instead they must let the customers’ position in the purchase journey influence the type of recommendation strategy that will yield the best results. To get the absolute best results, retailers must personalize their recommendation strategy.


5 Steps To Secure Customer Loyalty Today

1sparkpostThanks to powerful mobile devices, the whole world is a consumer’s marketplace. It's easy to compare features and prices, read reviews and buy online or at the point-of-sale. This ready access to information can tempt consumers to feel less loyal towards their favorite brands, but retailers have more power to stem this tide than they may realize.

That ability is in the experience they give their customers throughout their interactions. That’s why email remains one of the most effective marketing tools for engaging with your fickle customers — when done right. However, it can’t be solved with yesterday’s “batch and blast” approach to bulk email marketing. It simply doesn't work anymore, in no small part because of the poor experience it presents to a customer. Instead, a retailer must be ready to engage on a one-on-one basis with each of its customers at the moment they're ready to buy. 

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