J. Hilburn Brings Personalization To The Store With NYC Pop-Ups

Menswear brand J. Hilburn is focused on optimizing the art of personalization. With more than 3,400 "stylists" nationwide, J. Hilburn relies on this network to generate brand awareness, build a strong clientele and sell a vast assortment of apparel.

But that doesn't mean the stylists do the lion's share of marketing. Quite the contrary: J. Hilburn is poised to address challenges associated with engaging and marketing to current and potential stylists, as well as engaging shoppers. To address these two significantly different marketing goals, the brand has adopted a variety of physical retail strategies, including trunk shows, showrooms and most recently, pop-up shops.


Creating Personalized Customer Journeys


To create more compelling and relevant shopping experiences, best-in-class retailers are leveraging mobile, digital and interactive technologies.

In fact, 56% of retailers are working toward cross-channel personalization and 31% are striving to build one-to-one tactics.

This infographic, courtesy of STRATACACHE, outlines how retailers can leverage cutting-edge technology throughout the six stages of the customer journey. 


IBM Study: Consumers Want Inventory Visibility

IBM studyUnveiled at the 2015 NRF BIG Show, the IBM Institute For Business Value study found that consumers are looking for better inventory visibility and more personalized offers. The research featured data from more than 110,000 consumers in 19 countries, collected over four years.

As shoppers spend more time researching product availability before they head out to a store, they have become less tolerant of out-of-stock (OOS) scenarios. As many as 66% said that it is important to confirm an item is available before entering the store. And when presented with an OOS in-store, 46% of shoppers expect store associates armed with mobile devices to rectify the problem.


RetailNext Aligns With StepsAway

RetailNextretailnext, a provider of retail analytics for physical stores, has formed a new strategic alliance with StepsAway, a mobile retail solution provider that offers shoppers smartphone access to hyperlocal in-store deals. The partnership will allow retailers to target and deliver promotions to shoppers and then measure the redemption and conversion rates for both store and mall traffic.

“Analytics [can offer] deep insights into what is happening in and around the store,” said Arun Nair, CTO and Co-Founder of RetailNext. “Enhanced value is delivered when the platform and its partner applications, like StepsAway, allow data to be instantly operationalized and proactively acted upon to better manage the business.”


NCR Spotlights Expanded Solution Suites At NRF

NCRNCR SelfServ 90 unveiled a number of new solutions at this year’s NRF BIG Show. The company announcedthe inclusion of private and multi-tenant cloud capabilities for NCR Connected Payments customers in the U.S. The solution, already in place at more than 17,000 stores, meets the requirements of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard and EMV, and prepares retailers for accepting alternative payments, such as mobile payments.

”In our discussions with retailers large and small, security and protecting digital assets are top-of-mind and deeply integrated into any solution,” said Michael Bayer, President at NCR Retail. “Our Tier-Zero and Tier-One customers were specifically interested in a private cloud solution for NCR Connected Payments which we have created and are now offering for the broader market today.”


Personalization In Online Marketing: How Far We’ve Come!

VP Neustar head shotThe ways in which retailers use personalization in online marketing have changed dramatically since the early days of the Internet.  When we look back, it’s clear we have come a long way, but considering what we know is on the horizon, there’s so much more we can do to take advantage of personalization to improve retail business. How did personalization in online marketing begin and what are some changes we can expect in the New Year?

In its nascent stages, online marketing didn’t allow for personalization. Retailers were simply happy to be able to put up websites, and have an additional way to reach customers on a large- scale basis. But as the Web expanded exponentially, so too did the number of competing sites. It quickly became clear that retailers needed a process or technology with which to personalize their campaigns so they could reach the consumers that mattered most to them. Without personalization, finding the right customer via online marketing was like searching for a needle in a haystack.


Mondelēz Sweetens Marketing Campaigns With Idomoo Personalized Video

CadburyThe media universe is becoming more complex, and advertisers are striving to capture mind share and raise brand awareness. But as the media universe grows more fragmented, it is becoming more difficult for brands to remain top of mind and capture long-term loyalty. 

This is a common challenge that Mondelēz International faces in engaging consumers on a global scale. After all, in today’s omnichannel universe, “simply pushing advertising or content to consumers won’t work anymore,” said Josep Hernandez, Senior Director of Global Communications Planning and Media for Mondelēz International. To create more compelling brand messages that emotionally resonate with consumers, the company partnered with Idomoo to develop personalized videos for its Cadbury chocolate brand.


Retailing: Re-tailored For 2015

VP siteonly SalesforceThe retail industry is at a crossroads. Consumers are now in the driver’s seat. They require more flexibility and the ability to connect with retailers seamlessly across every channel. While the proliferation of social networks and mobile devices has provided new opportunities for retailers to create one-to-one experiences, many are struggling with how to connect it all.  

To deliver what the customer needs and maximize sales, I offer five key ways for retailers to win in the New Year.


Engaging The Connected Consumer: Reviewing The Top Trends Of 2014

FEAT Top10 imageWith 2014 coming to a close, retail businesses are increasing focus on satisfying their customers’ wants and needs across all touch points.

Although mobile and wearable technology gained momentum in the first half of the year, customer loyalty and social media came to the forefront in the second half, as well as cutting-edge technologies designed to help improve the brick-and-mortar experience.


Kate Spade Saturday Lets Shoppers Get Creative With Product Customization

Targeting women 25 to 35 years old, Kate Spade Saturday has an extensive apparel and handbag line that touts bright colors and bold patterns. With a brand story that focuses on fun, Kate Spade Saturday has used customization to drive engagement, social shares and sales on its e-Commerce site.

Last year, Kate Spade Saturday celebrated its official launch by providing an interactive tool that enables consumers to design their own weekender bags. Within a few weeks of launching, the product customization page became the third-most visited page on the e-Commerce site.

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