ReStockIt Increases Demand With Auto Replenishment Tool From OrderGroove

As retailers juggle multiple and expanding responsibilities, finding ways to operate more efficiently is critical to their success. Automatic product replenishment applications can help retailers boost that efficiency.

ReStockIt, an eTailer of branded office supplies for small business and consumer markets, has increased order volume and product subscription rates with an automated replenishment and subscription tool from OrderGroove.

The OrderGroove RetentionEngine Subscription Platform, a tool that enables online brands to launch, optimize, and manage subscription programs, helps ReStockIt equip customers with the products they prefer on a regular basis. The software “makes it extremely easy for our customers to keep their businesses well-stocked,” said David Redlich, CEO of ReStockIt, in an interview with Retail TouchPoints. “The auto-replenishment program helps us ensure that our customers have the supplies they need when they need them.”   


Since the implementation, Redlich reported, “the volume of orders per customer as well as the number of customers creating subscriptions have grown consistently.”

Redlich shared three specific e-Commerce improvements:

  • Subscription orders have increased to 14% of total number of web site orders;  
  • ReStockIt subscribers now spend 188% more annually than non-subscribers; and
  • ReStockIt subscribers purchase 262% more frequently than non-subscribers.

“We’re also finding that customers really enjoy the convenience,” said Redlich, “of being able to modify their shipment quantities and delivery times online.”

Auto-replenishment was “a natural fit for our business,” noted Redlich. “Partnering with OrderGroove allowed us to provide this efficiency much faster than if had built it in-house.”

“Our number of orders per customer has steadily grown and the number of customers creating subscriptions has grown consistently as well,” according to David Redlich, explained Redlich. “We’re finding that customers really enjoy the convenience of being able to modify their shipment quantities/delivery times online.”

Founded in 2004, ReStockIt sells products from Energizer, Hewlett Packard, and Purell/Gojo.

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