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More Than 70% Of Global Shoppers Will Shop On Black Friday

More than one fifth (22%) of U.S. consumers are planning to spend at least $500 on Black Friday, and 16% expect to lay out $1,000 or more. These shoppers will be in search of steep discounts and deals: 54% of consumers in four countries identify this as their number-one reason for Black Friday shopping, followed by the opportunity to encounter unique “one off” promotions. Black Friday’s spot as a top holiday shopping day has become a global phenomenon, with more than 70% of consumers in four countries aware of the day and planning to take part, according to research from Periscope By McKinsey. The Black Friday 2018 Shopping Report: Consumers Are Eager, More Digital, And Willing To Spend, which surveyed consumers in the U.S., Canada, the UK and Germany, reveals how participation in Black Friday shopping has increased in recent years:

B8ta Launches Interactive ‘Made By Google’ Experience In 7 Flagship Locations

The software-powered retail-as-a-service company b8ta has partnered with Google to showcase an interactive in-store shopping experience featuring Made by Google products. Shoppers in seven b8ta flagship locations will be able to test out and shop Google’s Home products in interactive home-like vignettes. These experiences are part of the b8ta mission — to get shoppers to try out new tech products in brick-and-mortar stores before they buy them. All b8ta stores “are designed for software to be a primary component that drives the experience,” said CEO and Co-Founder Vibhu Norby in an interview with Retail TouchPoints.

Walmart To Launch Shoppable Ads On Its Free Streaming Service

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Walmart will pair shoppable ads with original content on Vudu, the retail giant’s streaming video arm, through a partnership with MGM, according to Variety. The ads will launch later in 2018, while the first MGM-produced content is expected to debut in Q1 2019. The interactive ads will run on Movies…

Exclusive CEO Q&A: How Nike Wins The Branding Game

Nike’s hiring of controversial quarterback-turned-activist Colin Kaepernick was a gamble, but it’s one that paid off handsomely. The company sold out 61% more merchandise in a 10-day period following the Kaepernick ad’s initial appearance, and the company got a 31% online sales bump. But if other brands want to emulate Nike’s success by embracing hot-button issues, they will need to carefully consider their own brand’s public profile before taking the plunge, according to branding expert Erich Joachimsthaler. “Nike is a very special brand, one that stands for this level of irreverence, as well as athleticism, winning, authenticity and inspiration” said Joachimsthaler, CEO of global brand strategy firm Vivaldi. “Nike is fearless, and taking a stand has become part of their DNA.”

Tops Supermarket Debuts Curbside Pickup, Adds Organic Options Online

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Grocery delivery and curbside pickup have become the latest competitive arenas in supermarket retail, and regional player Tops Friendly Markets has joined the fray. The 169-store chain, with locations in New York, Vermont and northern Pennsylvania, built on its existing relationship with Instacart to offer curbside pickup at three locations…

Wegmans Combines Mobile App, Human Assistance To Guide Visually Impaired Shoppers

Wegmans, a supermarket chain based in the Northeast, has implemented a combination of technology and human assistance for blind and low-vision shoppers, to make their shopping experience easier across all its 97 stores. All Wegmans stores are now Aira Access Locations, giving any member of the blind and low-vision community free access to Aira’s service while in Wegmans stores.

Exclusive Q&A With Starboard Cruises CEO: Experiences, Entertainment, Education Drive Retail Strategies At Sea

Retail on the high seas has its own unique requirements, but that doesn’t mean landlubbers can’t learn a trick or two from one of the most successful ocean-based retail companies. Celebrating its 60th anniversary in 2018, Starboard Cruise Services partners with cruise lines including Norwegian, Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Celebrity Cruises and Silversea, priding itself on delivering a “prestige retail” experience to cruise guests based on entertainment, storytelling and creating memories. Already operating on more than 90 cruise ships worldwide, Starboard has added four new ships within the past year and is expected to add a fleet of four more in 2019. These additional ships add significant growth as modern mega-ships can offer 2X to 3X the amount of retail space, allowing Starboard to bring on top brands, according to Beth Neumann, CEO of Starboard Cruise Services.

In-Store Shopping Can Drive Holiday Spending Sprees

The upcoming holiday season looks promising: 18.7% of shoppers plan to budget more for holiday gifts this year, and most plan to spend approximately $100 to $500 more than in 2017, according to the 2018 Holiday Shopping Outlook study by Blis. The numbers were determined through a survey by AYTM, an online market research solution, which reached out to 2,000 U.S. consumers across socio-economic levels. This extra spending is in line with year-long growth predictions from the NRF, which were revised in August to at least 4.5% over 2017, up from the 3.8% to 4.4% reported at the beginning of the year. The improved outlook is due to a combination of higher wages, gains in disposable income, a strong job market and record-high household net worth. E-Commerce will be vital to capturing this increased spending in Q4: more than half (57.5%) of shoppers plan to do the majority of their holiday shopping online, while brick-and-mortar retailers will be the top destination for 39.1%.However, in-store shoppers are a particularly valuable audience for retailers: 64.7% of customers are willing to ignore their budgets if the store they’re shopping in is offering a sale. Some of these consumers are willing to go significantly…

What Retailers Can Learn From Disney

The lines can be long. The weather can be hot. And the cost — let’s not get into it. So why do we visit Disney in droves? And what can retailers learn from the entertainment behemoth as they face increased competition, changing demographics and rapid technological evolution? We should view Disney World as an omnichannel 2.0 pioneer, using the IoT and AR/VR to amplify a visit’s magic and ease its pain. The park’s first IoT-based customer experience began in 2013 with an experiment integrating Bluetooth-enabled devices in its physical spaces. Coupled with the introduction of the MagicBand — a device initially conceived to help parents find lost children, now evolved to a “master key” for unlocking your own personalized experience — Disney created a frictionless journey for its visitors. The Most Magical Place on Earth keeps parents calm by providing technology-enabled convenience.

Kohl’s Debuts Private Label Plus-Size Brand

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For spring 2019, Kohl’s will launch its EVRI private label plus-size women’s apparel brand. The introduction of EVRI, which stands for Easy, Versatile, Real (Value) and Inspiring, is part of a planned transformation of Kohl’s plus-size shopping experience both in-store and online. The EVRI brand will include tops in sizes 0X-4X…

Macy’s, Cosmopolitan Bring Makeup Try-On Experience From Print To Digital

Macy’s has partnered with Cosmopolitan magazine and Perfect Corp., the creator of the YouCam AR-powered makeup app, to deliver a virtual try-on feature through an eight-page native content package. The pages will showcase select Juicy Couture products. Using a smart device, readers can snap a photo of a special QR code, which will bring them to a destination on where they’ll be able to choose a try-on experience, test out the look using YouCam Makeup facial mapping technology and shop the products directly from the page.

RSP Series: How Retail Leaders Improve Customer Acquisition And Retention

Any retailer’s long-term health requires finding the right balance between acquiring and retaining customers — particularly the loyal and big-spending types of shoppers. But rapid changes in both consumer expectations and the competitive landscape have rewritten many of the established rules for customer acquisition and retention. The 2018 Retail Strategy and Planning (RSP) webinar series, hosted by Retail TouchPoints, uncovered several new strategies for tackling these timeless challenges. Following are brief recaps of six webinars in the #RSP18 series, now available on-demand. [Read a recap of the Holiday Predictions webinar, sponsored by Salesforce, here.]

The Death Of Retail Or A Retail Renaissance — Which Is It?

Both property companies and retailers are reporting a crisis and the death of retail. Stores are being shut down or shrinking their footprints, and the traditional retail format with merchandise lined up on shelves is a dying breed. Yet at the same time there is a renaissance going on in retail, and we are seeing examples of brands and retailers that are able to reinvent their businesses and adapt to a new market and new consumer behaviors — allowing them to increase customer loyalty in the bargain.
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