Quantivo Extends Reach Of Analytics Tools By Hosting On Amazon’s Cloud Environment

Quantivo, a leader in on-demand Behavioral Analytics, announced this week that its SaaS service is now hosted on the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, Amazon EC2.

While the utilization of deep customer analytics had traditionally been limited to larger organizations due to cost, computing power and time constraints, Quantivo’s CEO Brian Kelly pointed out that this new partnership will dramatically extend the reach of these tools.

“By combining Quantivo’s unique Affinity Analytics technology with SaaS built upon Amazon EC2, companies can act on the latest customer behavioral patterns for as little as $5,000 per month,” Kelly said. “This enables us to get customers up and running very quickly—in a matter of five or ten days for a very large scale analytic application.”


With consumer preferences and trends changing rapidly in today’s real-time world, Kelly argued that analytics will become a competitive necessity for retailers of all sizes. “The great thing about the environment is the speed at which you can take this information and find, surface and understand these behavioral patterns either online or offline to capitalize on them with better marketing and merchandising decisions alike,” Kelly said.

He added that tools like Quantivo will work in tandem with retailer’s commerce engines and content management systems to track and respond to trends. “The real opportunity is to do some content targeting or personalization. To be able to do that effectively you really need to get good insight into behavioral patterns that the visitors are exhibiting,” Kelly said. “So those content management Web sites would remain in place and Quantivo would be the brains behind it.”

Paul O’Leary, CTO at Quantivo, added that the expansion of social media and its ability to quickly spread news and trends virally is also changing retailer’s business intelligence needs. “The need for speed and flexibility in customer analytics has been amplified by the proliferation of social media and the mobile Web, shrinking the window of opportunity to capitalize on behavioral trends to just hours or even minutes,” said O’Leary. “To help companies keep up, we didn’t just move traditional BI technology into the cloud. Instead, we combined our revolutionary analytics approach with a cloud-based architecture for an entirely new vision of Business Intelligence. Quantivo customers can throw billions of records into the cloud and begin analyzing their data in ways not previously possible and at a fraction of the TCO of tired relational data warehouse solutions based on decade old technologies.”

O’Leary said the performance and affordability of the Quantivo Behavioral Analytics solution is possible by leveraging the auto-scaling, elastic load balancing and service reliability of Amazon EC2.

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