Metapack Adds What3words Addresses to Enable More Accurate Last Mile Delivery

Metapack has enabled the seamless passing of what3words addresses, a location technology that has divided the world into a grid of 3-meter squares, to logistics partners on its platform. Last mile providers can use what3words to identify the exact point for a drop-off, whether it’s the front door of a home or a parking space.

Each what3words address is unique, providing an advantage over street addresses. For instance, there are more than 4,000 Washington Streets in the U.S. Using what3words can help minimize delivery errors by eliminating duplicate or mistaken addresses and providing more specific information than zip codes or town names.

Metapack’s goal is to let logistics partners receive a what3words address from any ecommerce retailer at the same time as all other necessary logistics information, which can help them drive efficiencies across supply chain and logistic operations. Adding what3words can make the last mile more consistent and accurate, improving the experience for customers as well.

Retailers can specify a what3words location for a consignment in Metapack Delivery Manager in two ways:


  • Under the Delivery Manager Delivery tab when Creating a Delivery; or
  • In a single API call that creates the consignment.

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