Four Retailers Use Mobile Payments To Drive Sales And Loyalty

The payment process is a necessary, but not necessarily sexy, part of retail. 

In a session titled: Mobile Commerce And Mobile Payments — Voice Of The Merchant, four retailers discussed how they are using mobile wallets and apps to drive sales and loyalty. Executives from Jamba Juice, Whole Foods, Miller Sports Properties, which includes Megaplex Theatres, and the Maverik convenience store chain discussed their recent tests of the Isis Mobile Wallet in the Salt Lake City, Utah, area.

{loadposition TSHBAIAA022014} The panelists noted that having the mobile payment app synched with a loyalty card can provide an added incentive for customers to choose a mobile payment option. “It is a great fit for our brand,” said Robert Notte, CTO of Jamba Juice. “Our customers are on the go and want to be in and out in five minutes, so anything we can do to ease that process works well.”


Notte noted that training the staff how to use the app is critical, as customers will abandon a mobile wallet if they become frustrated during the process.

The mobile app offers the ability to reinforce brand messaging, said Lydia S. Martinez, Store Marketing Specialist for Whole Foods. “We love to tell the stories of our partnerships with local brands. If customers can use their phones at a display and learn that the product was made just five miles away from the store, they feel good about supporting businesses in their own backyard.” The grocer also uses the app to promote holiday-centric deals.

Megaplex has had success using promotions to drive use of the mobile payment app during slower times, said Nathan Rigby, Director of Marketing for Miller Sports Properties. “We have used promotions such as buy a popcorn and get a free drink or extending matinee pricing to drive people to the theater and to the app during slower periods when there aren’t blockbuster movies.”

Ernie Harker, CREATE Executive Director for Maverik, said the retailer is a “big believer” in mobile wallets and is looking for ways to incorporate mobile payments in the store and at the pump and integrate its loyalty card. “Almost 25% of our customers use our loyalty card.”

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